My another unbagging post about the skin care, body care, and some miscellaneous products I got from the 4th Birthday Party! Writing this unbagging post is like never ending surprise of the products to be unbagging! It just got me super excited with all the products I receive during the 4th Birthday Party!

Read on to know more products I receive from the birthday party that day! If you haven't read the makeup unbagging I did, just remember to drop by here by showing your love for me.

Neesya Cleansing Set RM 39

Another product that certified as halal. This was definitely a great news for Muslim friends out there. This brightening set comes with a 100ml Gel Cleanser and 75ml Enzymatic Refiner Scrub to brighten & revive dull looking skin. Both are formulated with Silver Vine Extract and Alpha-Melight ®. It was able to cleanse and exfoliate skin with brightening effects.


Mamonde Floral Hydro Mist 120ml RM49

Time to enjoy this spray mist on your skin when you are feeling hot & dry! This spray mist turns the heat down with its cooling effect while it replenishing & moisturize your skin with Daffodils extracts and Mineral Water! I remember all of us grab this and spray all over to our face during the party. The scent of this spray mist enlightened each of us, really love its light floral scent on my face after using it too!

Mamonde Malaysia

Adidas Climacool Shower Gel 250ml RM 10.90

Adidas Climacool Deodorant 35ml RM 4.99

Stay fresh all day long this innovative shower gel with motion-activated fresh capsules that break upon friction or touch to release "freshness" as you move! After using the shower gel, this antiperspirant not only keeps bad odor away but it also releases the same unique "freshness" that activates when you move.

I heard many good reviews from my blogger's friend who has used this body shower gel, definitely will gonna try this after my body shower finish. Stay Fresh and Stay Clean!


Clinelle UV Defense SPF50 30ml RM 48.70

It was able to soothe, hydrate & protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays with this non-greasy, broad septum sunscreen that's suitable for all skin types. I always use the sunblock that always comes in SPF35 as my daily skincare routine. Somehow I find it was not sufficient for me because I always walk to work and after work. I am finding something which is light and non-greasy for me to use, and now I have this Clinelle UV Defense SPF50!

Clinelle PureSwiss Hyrdracalm Sleeping Mask 60ml RM 75.90

Upon application all over my hand. Water droplets are formed on my skin. When I saw this I was like omg it was so cute and water droplets are on my skin!!

Apparently, this sleeping mask is their "Best Seller" product. It was a cooling, refreshing light cream gel sleeping mask to hydrate and brighten your skin overnight. Water droplets form on the skin to provide instant hydration! Not only that it comes with a calm scent that eases us to sleep too. This is because this sleeping mask contains lavender, lemon, citrus and chamomile extract in it.

Clinelle Hot Body Shaper Cream 170ml RM 89.90

Simple to use instruction on the cover itself.

Simply just twist the arrow from the OFF Button to the ON Button.

Take the 7-day body shaping challenge to reduce cellulite, flatten tummy, shape, firm, and tone your body. Use this metal roller ball head to massage all your flabby fats away!

This product come in 3x Super Strength cream is rich in natural active ingredients derived from Organic Brown Algae extracts, that not only trims body shape but also functions as melano-minimizer for fairer skin. It also contains a formula of SenseHot thermal action that helps warms up the skin for faster absorption. You can feel a bit warm sensation on your skin for a while after applying


Pax Moly Aloe Vera Soothing Gel RM 29.90

I bet everyone knows the goodness of Aloe Vera. It helps soothes and cools down our skin with Aloe Vera from Jeju Island's warms sunshine. This super light, moisturizing and refreshing gel contains vitamins & amino acids too! Leaving your skin moisturize and deeply hydrates with the goodness of Aloe Vera.


Hadabisei Moisturizing Face Mask Extra Rich 5 pcs RM 48.70

Their supple waffle sheet with increased penetration force times 2 to our face while you apply! It helps boost your skin instantly with their extra rich serum moisturizing face mask that is formulated with Hyaluronic Acid & Royal Jelly to deliver hydration deep to our skin. After apply, it leaves your skin supple and hydrates in the same time.


Photobook Malaysia 

I was really grateful that with Photobook Malaysia apps launch in both Android & IOS. You can easily add and edit your pic on your phone and submit your order through mobile apps too. Since I had already received my wedding photos I might as well to print it out with Photobook Malaysia.

One thing I love is I love how we can customize our own personal photo books and photos that we like and submit to Photo Malaysia! I did this for my wedding guestbook and my wedding photos too. Super convenient and affordable too!

G&G Studio booth Photobox Prints

Complete your birthday party goodies with a high-quality photograph printed out from the perfect photo machine that's exciting and interactive at any event!

Check it out my post here for more beautiful and fun photos we took with G&G Studio Photobooth during our 4th Birthday Party event.

Glitz & Glam Studio Booth

Once again I want to say thank you to Mamasan and every sponsor for this 4th Birthday Party Bag for us! This beautiful print tote bag from Mamasan was definitely a worth using and keeping it. I wish to grow and learn more within this wonderful community together.

Thanks to each of the beautiful butterflies that have flown into my life!

Recap on the 4th Birthday Party and some of the product review I receive during this party!

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  1. Heard a lot about the Butterfly Project and so many new things to try!

  2. I want to take the 7days body shaping challenge too! I like that item with the metal head. So many nice product you have!

    1. Yes it was a bit warm and feel the firmness after apply too!

  3. Seriously, been trying to get a bottle of face mist but don't know which one to buy. Also, I am desperately in need of the Cinelle body shaper!!

  4. good to see this party bag so many useful products.
    By the way , how to make photo so big in post?
    I been trying but not sure how it worked lol.

    1. I also don't know how to teach you. I thought it was the settings on our blog?

  5. Great post! I like everything in this party bag. I've been obsessed with skincare products and I really want to try the Clinelle Defence UV SPF50 lotion and the sleeping mask.

  6. Nice products, I'm eyeing on that hot body shaper cream, wonder if it really works!

  7. The sleeping mask by Clinelle looks really promising. I'm gonna try that out myself soon.


  8. Waaa what a nice event.I miss out this event! Can't come,maybe next year.

  9. wah... this is so nice... been following your post about butterfly project unpackaging


  10. I like the mamonde mist spray ๐Ÿ’• The unboxing is so interesting!

  11. Fantastic bag with lots of great beauty stuff! Too bad I missed this event though ;( cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  12. Wow! so many awesome goodies. I like the sheet mask its very moisturizing and soothing too.

  13. Thank you to Butterfly project and sponsors for brightening our day with much love. Love all the products that given by them.

  14. what a huge unbagging! i'm tempted to try the Clinelle body shaper too! Does it work for you?

    1. I haven't really use it! But it good for firming though =)

  15. I am super excited to try out the Clinelle...