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Feel GOOD from Day to Night with The Body Shop

Finally, I got time to blog about The Body Shop goodies I win during The Butterfly Project 4th Birthday Party. These products I receive is the essential product that I will use it every day. From Fragrances to Body Care, it was part of my daily routine too. How to let yourself feel good throughout the day? Read through about the journey of me using The Body Shop as my daily routine.


Let start off with the Fragrances I receive from The Body Shop. When I first saw this beautiful bottle of fragrance, I can't stop myself from admiring it. It was designed in the pink rose and transparent bottle, super elegant bottle design.

On the cap itself, you can find the word The Body Shop too. I especially love it was designed in full transparent!!

Talking about the scent of this British Rose Eau Toilette, it was consist of the full scent of the British rose essence scent. If you are a rose lover, this might be the perfect perfume you need. The scent was pretty light and fresh upon application. The fresh blossom scent of the hand picked British Rose will be all over you too.  Scent can last more than 3-4 hours.


Next up, is the Spa of the World Hawaiian Kukui Cream. Not only you should care for our body scent and odor, also we have to make sure our skin stay hydrated and moisture the whole day too. This Hawaiian Kukui Cream might be just the perfect one for you.

Texture wise is really rich and creamy. It spreads to my hand easily and since I always suffer dry skin this might be the body cream savior for me. The smell of the body cream is not too heavy too, it smells like light buttery cream all over your body upon application. Seriously I can't describe the scent to you guys, but it does not come as a strong herbal scent or oil at all. Smell super nice and luxurious for me!!

As Hawaii is an island that is always exposed to the sun and beaches along the island. But how do they keep their skin and body hydrated all the time? Kukui oil is their secret of maintaining moisture skin and help nourished skin even under the sun. Simply just let the kukui oil from Hawaii restore your skin's natural suppleness, feel the luxurious kukui oil moisturizes your skin. Not only that the scent of the kukui oil is able to indulge to our body and mind too. 

Feeling too tired and lazy head up to spa, get one of this and enjoy the spa aromatherapy throughout the night after you apply.

True Romance Eyeshadow Quad

This beautiful 4 shades of eyeshadow palette are the perfect transition from day to night makeup look you can create with.

This stunning 'True Romance' eyeshadow palette allows you to build from a beautifully natural daytime look to stunning party make-up. The four naturally inspired shades to complement each other effortlessly, with a combination of true mattes and metallics. This palette also highlights the natural beauty of all skin tones and eye colors, by means it suitable for people with different skin tone color.

The color of the 4 shades. There a simple guide on how to create a simple eye look with this True Romance Eyeshadow Palette.

I create a simple smokey eye look with the eyeshadow palette too. It will be feature on my Face of the Month of July soon. The color payoff was so pretty and it was definitely a simple 4 color palette to start with for an easy smokey eye look too.

Would like to say a huge THANK YOU again to The Butterfly Project and The Body Shop!! The Body Shop products are all cruelty-free, vegan free and definitely suitable for sensitive skin. All of these products have become my daily essential from day to night. It helps me stay pretty and confident throughout my day too. Don't hesitate and doubt yourself when you are not feeling good, but pamper yourself with The Body Shop.

The Body Shop



  1. lovely products by body shop.. All of it looks good!

  2. I like bodyshop products, they are quite affordable and have good quality~

    1. Yes!! They do offer a lot of new products to try too!

  3. I am loving the kukui cream so much, so so moisturizing.

  4. ohh, I simply love the romance palette. the colours are perfect for both day & night!

    1. Yes! Easy to rock it all through night and day =)

  5. Wow so good. You win good gift huh!

  6. Sometime I do shopping at Body Shop. Love to purchase certain fo the products. Woman always need to find time pampers her skin. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I love it too!! Their products is really good and high quality =)

  7. That eye palette is so beautiful!!! I just imagine the beauty of it on someone's eye lids.

  8. all of the products looks exceptional good..and the packaging definitely attracts one to own it

  9. I always trust Body Shop products. I want to try the Kukui Cream cos I've not heard of it before.

    1. I have high trust on their products too! Really soo good!

  10. Congratulations for winning these goodies. I would like to try that fragrance, and hope it will suits me :) thanks for the heads-up!

    1. Finally someone like the fragrance! It was really nice =)

  11. Loving these gorgeous selections.. would really want to try them out as I love the scent of roses


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