Every girl wants to have sparkling big eyes! Here's the thing is people always compliment on those girls who have big eyes. But not every girl owns that as well, here's a secret that I would want to share with you girl out there. 

All of their contact lenses from their website are super gorgeous, on top of that their contact lenses are so pretty and looking super natural on our eyes upon wearing it. This time round I only manage to try out their Oh My Spark Brown in 14.5mm.

Love to play around with different picture background each time I shoot products. Since the packaging from Barbie Eyesland is in flower and vintage design, I decided to take out the vintage photo frame I got it from Daison to match with their packaging.

There might be some confusion on the design of the contact lenses because they didn't state the full name of the design. But hey you can easily spot it on the cover of each of the contact lenses, so KV stands for Oh My Khaty Choco. Since I have a very low power for both my eyes, I always choose -0.00 power for both my eyes whenever I look for contact lenses.

In Barbie Eyesland, they do offer a different kind of packaging for their customer. Is just that the collection I choose are in the same collection, therefore I receive all in the same packaging. All of these are mostly from their Best Sellers segment which is all looking super natural and give you the big eyes look too.

I did receive 2 different colors on the flower design on the packaging itself.

Oh My Pearl Grey 14mm RM 25

Oh My Khaty CHOCO 15mm RM 25

Oh My Spark BROWN 14.5mm RM 25

Each of your purchase from Barbie Eyesland, you also will receive 1 free contact lens cases too. Here's mine similar like the Oreo packaging, super cute!

Do you manage to see the differences on both of my eyes? I am wearing Oh my Spark BROWN on my left eyes. You can see that my eyes have become 5 times bigger compared to my right eyes. Not only that the color outcome of the lens on my eyes are so natural until that you will think that it was my real pupil!!

Under indoor natural direct window light.

Oh My Spark has a beautiful spark design on the contact lens itself. It gives a natural and slight sparkling diamond effect around my pupil as well. The design is not too dramatic but gives the right amount of special spark on your eyes. The color brown is almost the same color as my pupil that you can't big much big different on the color. Overall it helps enhance my eyes and create the big eyes sparkly effect too.

Wear on both eyes. Still under indoor light but not to direct sunlight.

My full makeup look with Oh My Spark Brown on my eyes. Direct outdoor lighting to the front car mirror. 

The look on both my eyes with full makeup look. I really love the after look of this contact lens! It doesn't give the over dramatic big eyes look. Instead, it looks so natural even under outdoor lighting. 

Not only that I love its effects on my eyes and overall look, but in Barbie Eyesland they offer super affordable price for you to easily own their contact lens. Although the price is affordable, the effects and quality wise are considered really good without over drying my eyes. I even take nap while wearing their contact lens on too! haha 

One of my favorite selfie of the full look.

Also in the month of July, there are also discount codes for you to enjoy if you purchase up to 3 pairs contact lenses and above. Don't say I did not inform.

The Good
 Super Natural
Super Pretty
Easily Achieve Big Eyes Look
Good Quality
Kawaii Contact Lens Cover
Good Service
Fast Delivery

The Bad
About the product naming, since I have bought contact lenses online before, this is not that a big concern for me and I won't consider it bad. As I can easily detect each of the design and color I choose!

Helpful Tips
As you guys will know, it is not recommended to wear contact lens more than 7-8 hours. Just remember to bring a moisturizing eye drop with you if you have to wear contact lenses up to more than 6 hours.

All their contact lens can wear up to 3 months.

Where to buy?

Check out all their info below

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Contact them via


Till Then.

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  1. looks super natural!! love the packaging so much!!

  2. Yorrr I want oreo lens case also 😭😭 Btw the lens looks good on you!

  3. I'm using this as well, really love it!

  4. Your eyes sparkle babe! Even can see the reflection of the photographer in your eyeballs.


    1. Thanks babe! There's the outdoor direct lighting!

  5. I got mine as well. Really love it, as it's really comfortable. Would re purchase from them in the future

  6. The contact lens looks so nice and price is really affordable too! Looks like I have to check this brand out :D My eyes usually get dry easily which I why I normally use daily lenses...

  7. Yeap, Your eyes look bigger when applied it.
    i got small eyes, i should try it.
    Your post very informative.

  8. I have small eyes. I think I should try this lense, hahahaha

  9. OMG! super love the packaging. The lens is so lively and didn't look fake.

  10. Comel sangat packaging dia, terus nampak besar mata. Tak pernah pakai lens, asyik pakai spek mata. maybe boleh try lepas ni. hehe

  11. I really love how you capture the products, they look so pretty, I got some of these lens and they are really good.

  12. The entire packaging and oreo cases are soooo cute. You look so beautiful with such sparkling eyes.

  13. wowww... its look so natural.. I did not notice you were wearing contact lenses

  14. Looks great on you! You are now kawaii :) Wish I could wear contact lenses but am too clumsy for that.