What kind of laser experience you have tried and enjoy previously? Every time I heard about laser treatment, I was pretty scared and worry about how's the whole experience be like. Here I am at Skin Gym Laser Centre, finally exploring the goodness of laser treatment for my skin! 

Skin Gym Clinic and Medical Spa is a one-stop centre for all your aesthetic needs. As one of Malaysia’s emerging aesthetic clinics, Skin Gym Clinic always believes that everyone deserves to be beautiful from the inside out. All of their team are fully trained and certified doctors from Singapore will attend to your versatile needs from simple services to long, comprehensive treatments. Also, My Skin Gym always brings the latest technology in aesthetic medicine to ensure most up-to-date procedures and services for fast and effective options, readily available for their customers.

Skin Gym Laser Centre receive numerous awards and it somehow gives the assurance for me to leave my skin problem to the pros from Skin Gym Laser Centre!

I was welcome with the beautiful and spacious setup design at Skin Gym Laser Centre.

Another waiting area while waiting for the treatment. Comfy sofas and entertainment provided too, to make sure customer does not feel boring while they are waiting.

Consultation time with Dr Yap, The COO and senior clinical director of Skin Gym Laser Centre. My current skin condition is that I always suffer dry skin and acne pop out on from nowhere on my skin all the time. Dr Yap also patiently explains to me about the effects of this Carbon Peel Laser Treatment. 

What is their signature laser treatment?

One of their signature treatment which is the Q-Switched laser treatment, which addresses and improves the 3P's of the skin - pimples, pores and pigmentation by using technologically advanced lasers that deliver pulses of light quickly with intense energy.

Q-Switched laser treatment shrinks the oil glands so they secrete less sebum. This means your skin is less oily and experiences less blockage hence fewer pimples. Not only that this treatment also helps refines the pores by stimulating the production of collagen and cells of our skin, this helps speed up the recovery of our acne scars as new cells replace old ones.

This Carbon Peel and Q-Switched laser are suitable for normal skin types which aim to improve skin texture and restore radiant complexion for your face.

What to try out for your first visit?

As a first timer, Dr. Yap recommends me to try out the Carbon Peel Laser Treatment. The Carbon Peel treatment essentially is a Q-switched laser treatment with the help of carbon. The carbon maximises the cleaning pores process and helps stimulates the production of collagen and cells effectively.

Before the treatment, they help to wash and clean my face with cleanser.

Applying carbon lotion all over my face.

Here's my black face, the 黑脸娃娃 Black Face Doll after applying the carbon lotion all over my face. We need to allow the carbon lotion to dry before we start the laser treatment. At Skin Gym Laser Centre, they have a really spacious and comfortable lounge for us to chill and rest too!

Fully protected with eye barrier and hair net for the laser treatment.

After 15 minutes, we are getting ready to start the laser treatment. As my first time experience on laser treatment, I was really nervous! Nobody loves to experience pain on face however during the laser treatment, Dr Yap keep asking questions like is it painful and he also offered to lower down the laser if I can't stand the pain of the laser. The laser starts with a gentle heat using the laser for optimum penetration into our skin and also deep cleanse of our pores.

The process of the laser is very delicate and gentle. I was feeling very nervous during the laser time, however when the laser goes through my face the pain are still bearable. It just feels slightly stingy and hot on my face during the laser treatment. 

 Later on, Dr Yap increases the level of the laser for the vaporising process of the carbon peel. This process saying to vaporise the carbon, it also helps sucks away the layer of our dead skin. If you feel any heat drops while the process, the tiny heat drops is to promote the growth of connective tissues hence increase the production of collagen!

Also since I have a lot of tiny hair growth on my upper lips. When the laser goes through the area, I can imagine my hair get burnt through the laser and the pain will be unbearable! However Dr Yap comforts me by telling me, he will lower down the laser when he goes through my upper lip area! 

The white tube is the suction tube which helps to suck away the vaporised carbon. 

All the while I have no conscious about the carbon peel are being vaporised away! However, I do feel my skin a bit firm during the vaporising process. There are a total of 3 laser process throughout the process, the last one is to clean up our pores and face even more. Which I can feel my skin tighten and lighter after the whole laser process. 

The laser process is much quicker than I expected, with the time of waiting, cleansing and laser it only took about 30 minutes in total.

Before the treatment. My un-glamorous and dull face. 

After the treatment, I can see instant moisture and radiant on my face!

After treatment, time for apply skin care product. This is the golden time for your skin to maximise your skin absorption. Leaving your skin moisture and glowy throughout your beauty journey with Skin Gym Laser Centre.

I can't stop loving my skin more after the Carbon Peel Laser treatment from Skin Gym Laser Centre! It was so glowy and moisturize after the first treatment. My dry skin always absorbs skin care products very fast and most of the time skin care products on the skin will also dehydrate to air too. Which in the case that led your skin does not absorb and stay moist all the time.

After Treatment

It was recommended to apply the facial mask after the laser treatment because with the production of collagen that your face will easily absorb all the essence and nutrients from the mask itself. No serious redness on my skin as well immediately after the treatment. I love that this treatment has no downtime, means you can still apply skin care or makeup you want the other day or later day.


Not only that, I notice my pores are smaller and acne scars heal really quickly after few days of the carbon peel laser treatment. If there's hidden acne under your skin, you will also experience acne breakouts few days after the treatment which is totally normal. This is the process of cleaning out all the toxic and impurities on our skin. After this, you will only have glowy, clean and smooth pores skin!

 I understand that first treatment results will not be accurate therefore I am really excited for more treatment experience with Skin Gym Laser Centre. Results may vary for different skin condition too. Make sure you guys stay tuned for my next post again to see how's the results of their laser treatment. Say yeah to more glowy and moisture skin!

Skin Gym Laser Centre

1, Jalan SS2/72,
SS 2, 47300 Petaling Jaya

Working Hours:
Monday to Friday - 11:00am to 8:00pm
Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday - 10:00am to 7:00pm

Contact No:
(Book to avoid any disappointment)
+60 11-1133 8088

Till Then. 
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*Even though I was invited to review about this service, however it doesn't affect my own opinion on their services.

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  1. 黑臉娃娃is so cute! i never think about to do laser but now its seems like easy and safe! thanks for sharing!

    1. No worries! Yes it was a really easy and safe process!

  2. I did carbon laser before, it really make my skin flawless! Can't wait to do it again!

  3. The treatment extremely good!! Look very big different and your skin more smooth and bright!

  4. Your before and after really looks different, bright and glossy :)

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  6. Wow, your skin does look even more glowing after the treatment! <3 I always feel peeling is kinda painful, but I guess peel laser is another alternative for clear skin without pain :D Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Yes Nindy! And not so harsh like using face scrub!

  7. I'm never tried Carbon Peel Laser Treatment yet. Maybe my next treatment. Before this I try Whitening Laser Treatment for my face skin.

    1. Yes! I like my face looks moisturize after the treatment =)

  8. I have never tried carbon peel laser before. Is it painful?

    1. Not really though! They can adjust the pain level base your need =)

  9. I'm also scared to hear the word laser. Haven't tried any laser treatment before but the results look so positive on you!

  10. I try before carbon q Switch and is bearable the pain.

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    Great review!

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    1. Yes you should dear! The results are really good =)

  15. looks very promising to try out, thanks for the detailed review babe!

  16. This has to be one of the most hippiest facial interior i’ve ever seen. Been eagered to drop by, and since i’ve read yor blog, i pretty much read on all the things i need to know. Thanks for the write up!

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