Ohai back to my favorite post of the week! I almost forget about this outfit that I wear it to Shiseido Waso launch last month. The theme of the launching is in tropical pastel theme, which consists of pastel yellow, mint, orange, blue and pink. However, I don't have any suitable tropical pastel theme outfit at my house now. All my pastel pink and blue is kinda limited pieces too at our house. I decided to go white and blue which are the safest choice that I could think of! Plus I got a lot of white + blue outfit recently too. Time to show off LOL

During the event, the event hall itself is decorated with pastel orange, yellow and minty ambiance. It was being decorated base on the color range of Shiseido Waso product as well. The color ambiance is so pretty and colorful at the same time. I don't usually wear yellow, orange or even mint outfit, but the way the hall decor with all the theme color has definitely caught my attention!

Before scroll down through my outfit, I also want to share some of my selfie photos with some influencers and bloggers too.

With Jessica Chaw

From left: Arisa Chow, Shin May, and Yours Truly.

On Left: Bowie
On Right: Rane Chin

Not forget that we also meet Jenim, the emcee of the event too!

Lastly, I want to thanks Sarah for the passes to attend Shiseido WASO Rave Party too!

Just realize most of my photos are in Portrait! I pretty much love the top design since when it started that everyone wearing it and even until now. It was rather comfy but still if under the hot weather the material is quite picky to my skin. It was in a knit material which definitely is not sheer and transparent too.

Not forget a picture with my lovely dear, Shin May.

Keep gaining weight non-stop recently! Been so stressful and chill over my life, so eating has been a big part of it of helping to release stress and get over the time too. I definitely need to start exercise again, walking or doing some simple exercise at home.

This denim skirt is designed in flowy ruffles and in maxi design. I love how the ruffles at the bottom and the slit that are button up to the waist too. It also very comfy to wear too. I also love the length of the skirt which is uneven from the short length until to the normal length of the skirt.

Finally, I got myself a ripped denim jacket from Taobao! I've been searching for pretty much quite some time in Taobao or Stores as well. This denim jacket has slight ripped design all over the jacket itself, on the pocket itself is also designed with ring hook over the pocket too! I love all the details of the jacket in terms of the color, ripped area, and some metallic ring design too.

That's all for my outfit post! Feeling myself getting lazier and demotivate recently, what's the purpose of my life now?

Outfit Details

Top | Taobao
Denim Jacket | Taobao
Denim Skirt | Nineteen89.co
Shoes | Charles & Keith
Bag | Taobao

Till Then


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  1. I like denim's versatility. Even though it is non-formal wear, sometimes, we can still pass it off at 'proper' attire if paired with something elegant. Your skirt is really different and attracts attention.

  2. Whoa, all denim ya. Really nice.
    I too love denim and especially long skirt and jacket.
    I bought a denim jacket from Hard Rock Cafe Osaka.

    1. Waa I want to see the denim jacket you got from Osaka!!

  3. You looks so gorgeous in that denim jacket.

  4. Oh your skirt looks beautiful and you look amazing here. BTW, dont worry about your weight just eat and enjoy life. :)

    1. Awww I need to control and exercise more haha!

  5. I like how you dressing. You look good in denim.

  6. nice fashion style u have! love this denim pairing and that skirt! omg! - Joysofyz

  7. lovely denim outfits there. nice seeing you there dear

  8. Wear macam superstar de. Looking good sharon

  9. I envy you.. you look gorgeous and you can just dress so well, no matter what outfit it is...

  10. Awww! I love your denim skirt, its so fancy and stylish.

  11. Denim can oft be the most flexible kind of style and it’s far more flattering than the skinny.

  12. I like your skirt alot babe, thank for sharing the brand name lol time for me to check them out!

  13. Babe! I swear i love your denim look. I need to have some styled weekends lah. Always no time to dress up man

    1. Aiyo! Girls need to space out some time for dress up =D