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On the 17th August 2017, Kurin opens its first outlet in Nu Sentral Mall with a menu of delicious and nutritious poke bowls, salads, soba noodles, sushi donut, sandwiches, and pokeritto. Kurin is set to be the healthy grab ‘n’ go food brand of choice, customers can expect high-quality ingredients, speedy service and healthy eats from as low as RM 6. Kurin is the brainchild of enthusiasts, who share similar goals in living well-balanced lifestyles.

Read on to check out all the healthy protein food offer by Kurin!

Poke bowls on the move!

Not only we are able to try and hands on their Pokeritto, we also have the honor to try their poke bowl too! Look at those colorful poke bowls, pretty insta-worthy too. So how do we build our own poke bowl? Scroll down!

In Kurin you can build your own Poke, from the base you have don, pokeritto and salad to choose. Next for the protein, if you love raw sashimi like me you can choose their Tuna and Salmon serving. Not a fan of raw sashimi? Try out their Torched Tuna and Salmon, which are also taste fresh and great as their fresh raw sashimi! Lastly, they also have Grilled Chicken and Tofu for your liking too. 

There’s also a variety of homemade sauces to vamp up your pokerrito, such as Wasabi Mayo (creamy Japanese sauce), Spicy Mayo (creamy sriracha), Ponzu Fresh (citrus infused soy), Teriyaki (with no mirin), and Classic (shouyu-sesame oil).  My favorite sauce will be Ponzu Fresh and Spicy Mayo! This two sauce basically just spice up my taste bud when I try it. Classic is pretty good too, which basically match with all the protein you choose. 

For the small set, you can choose 3 fruits and greens and large set you can choose 4 fruits and greens from the counter! Need more? You can add on extras tuna, salmon and also Premium add one such as salmon skin, quinoa, onsen egg and more.

Tuna and Salmon were my top favorite from Kurin! Their sashimi is the chill sashimi which it gives and locks the original freshness of the sashimi when it was served. The texture of the cube sashimi is super thick and fresh! The bites of the sashimi just so delicious and refreshing inside my mouth. HIGHLY RECOMMEND trying it!

Even their torch Salmon and Tuna is also very delicious! Since the texture are softer after it was cooked, it just melted in our mouth when you taste it. Super addicting I would say! If you are not used to raw sashimi, you definitely need to try this.

For those who prefer cooked food, can try out their Tofu and Grilled Chicken serving! Which taste great as well!

More greens on the greens counter!

Having fun making our own Pokeritto at Kurin. Thanks for having us!

Here's my Pokeritto! Not a good wrapper of the Pokeritto, but the filling is super delicious and healthy too. Don't really mind to eat it as my dinner as it was full of protein and filling that I need!

Kurin’s star dish, the Pokeritto is a hybrid of a poke and burrito. The fillings include tuna, salmon, chicken or torched tofu, paired with Japanese short grain, brown rice or for people on a diet, a carbless lettuce and cabbage option is available as the base. Depending on the size, you can select up to four different fruits and vegetables ranging from edamame beans, Chuka wakame, mango and more. 

Kurin’s Pokeritto offers all the nutritional benefits of a poke bowl with a handier option, ideal for on-the-go individuals. Each serving is packed with essential fatty acids, lean protein, minerals, vitamins, fiber, and omega-3. Thumbs up on this!

 There is also few Kurin's menu highlight for you to choose too, such as Soba Protein Pot, Sushi Donut, Three of a Kind for you to choose too! If you want some sweet but healthy serving, there's Kurin Chia Seed Pudding which serves with yogurt, chia seed, fruits or berries. 

Sushi Donut

This is a perfect snack for those who OT or meetings in the office. Full with protein serving, it will easily let you feel stuff with this one small serving.

Soba Protein Pot

It was served with onsen egg! Which it gives the upgrade taste of the serving and edamame beans. Noodles on the go, just grab Soba Protein Pot from Kurin.

Left: Grilled Salmon with Quinoa 
Right: Edamame Bean

My first taste on Quinoa is rather fresh and unique. It doesn't taste too bad but gives a really special crispy texture while you eat more. Although the pre-pack serving is small, quinoa is known for having rich amounts of protein and contains all nine essential amino adds. Also, it is gluten free! 

Edamame Beans is the best and healthy snack when you feel boring!

Targeting busy individuals who are consciously aware to make a healthy change, Kurin’s central location in the business district provides the convenience to do so.  

Kurin’s first outlet features a cheerful and minimalistic design with splashes of yellow that reflects the brand's honesty, enthusiasm, and positive nature. Staying true to the brand promise of transparency, the interior design also features a transparent counter where customers can witness their food being prepared from base to topping.

In accordance with Kurin’s commitment towards using only the freshest ingredients, customers can expect frequent changes on the protein and vegetable selections. 

Kurin practices strict standards and quality control for the food and services. As such, the day’s unsold food will be contributed to charity rather than keeping it to sell the next day.

For a limited time, customers can enjoy 20% discount on all pre packed food when they purchase a pokebowl, pokeritto or salad at Kurin Nu Sentral. Customers can also enjoy an extra scoop of protein for free when they go large for the pokebowl, pokeritto or salad from 7 PM to 10 PM daily. 

For more details:


 Lot 5.10 NU Sentral, 201, 
Jalan Tun Sambanthan, 
50470 Kuala Lumpur
012-419 0316
Opens at 10am

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