Happy Weekend guys! It's been a week since my last weekend outfit post. For more live updates you can always follow me on my Instagram. Today post is about the outfit I wear to SuperFood Supreme launch party. During the party, everybody is wearing accordingly to the party theme which is dressed up to the era of the 70's, 80's or 90's famous characters or movie stars!

Although I do not heavily dress up as any famous movie character during the old eras, I manage to dress up in Parisian Night Vintage look.

The makeup of the day. I apply beautiful rose shimmer color all over my lid. Surprisingly my eyeliner is really smooth and pretty for today makeup look!

My look of the night. Since I am wearing all black for the entire look, I decided to match with striking accessories. When I saw Jessica Chaw wearing the red beret from F21, I immediately fall in love with the beret and here I am wearing the beret from F21. 

The ring on the side of the beret is the details that I really like. Love that we can find simple unique details on a beret itself. Recently I am shopping a lot of RED color item, I remember I use to reject color that is too striking for me. But this combination is just so perfect and it wins my heart with it simple and unique details!

I keep my makeup to be more minimalism since my beret already stands out the most. The big chain plastic necklaces were from my mum, I love that it was so vintage and chic that it matches with my vintage night look for the party!

Full body look with my outfit of the night. I am not a dress person and would always love to stick with pants look. Not only that I have more pants and tops compared to dress too! 

Culottes is the best when it comes to an official event or party. Culottes can easily bring out the formal and sophisticated look of the entire outfit. My new checker's culottes pants with 2 side pocket and the best thing is it fits S-M size with elastic waistband. Which turns out to be really comfy to wear!

Wearing my favorite White color mule's heels from Charles and Keith. Red color match with the vintage old background. Almost forgot about my bucket bag haha! Looks kinda mismatch but luckily it was only in khakis and black color. Which surprisingly matchy matchy with my entire look.

For the top, I wear this velvet off shoulder top to gives sexier and party looks to the entire outfit. Culottes are the formal representatives and Off-Shoulder Top is the perfect contrast matching with culottes. I love how I match this outfit for the launch party, not too overly sexy but manage gives some spice in this entire look.

Outfit Details

Beret | F21
Necklaces | Own
Top | Dreamscape MY
Bottom | Taobao
Bag | Taobao
Shoes | Charles & Keith

Till Then

Check out the event launching post here.

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  1. Black? All I see are the bright and striking accessories. Hehe.

  2. Love the outfit babe!! and i love that eye shadow colour too!

  3. u look amazing as always! u look natural in this updo btw

  4. The red beret is great. it really feels very French!

  5. Love your sense of style and fashion. I wouldn't know what to do if I had to dress up for that theme. Your bag somehow matched the entire setting, too.

    1. About the bag! Ikr thanks for your commend dear!!

  6. love your eyes make up and your ootd!

  7. Nice makeup! Love your beret too :) I don't really fit alot of hats because my head is big..hahaha

  8. You look so cute Parisian :) Do you also have the sequined version of beret? I am eyeing for the black version in Forever21.

    1. Not yet dear! For now I am crazy over stuff with ring details on it!!

  9. you always look good in anything.. I am sure if I put you in a sack also you still look good

  10. Like the outfit and the way you showed us F21 makeup hehe