Finally, I can spare some time and my blog schedule to write this weekend outfit post I been wanted to share! It has been under my draft for the longest time ever, haha. Be prepared with all the photos spam I post in this blog post. All the photos were taken at Gold Coast Morib with my favorite gadget Sony A5100.

I have tried my best to filter all the photos that I wanted to share. There are just many pretty photos that my hubby helps to take.

My makeup of the day. Everything is in Coral and Orangey shade which are both my favorite shades of all time. Eyeshadow from my favorite brand - Colourpop, and Lips color is from Clio their ink velvet series.

Here's come all my outfit photos that I shoot. The resort is just too pretty, we found a corner with the bamboo tree leaves and shoot quite lot pretty photos there. I always wanted to play with leaves shadows lighting photos. The outcome is really good!

Nevertheless, all the shots are just so pretty with beautiful lighting and place. Eyeshadow is so on point on the photo above. 

My maxi dress is from Taiwan. Guess what I have been keeping this dress for almost 2-3 years because I just couldn't find a perfect timing and place to wear this dress. 

I am loving all my photos filter as well, it gives the sweet and nice effect of my look with my maxi dress.

Beside the beach and theme park area they have, they have this beautiful outdoor dining area which is currently under renovation. Kinda sad as we couldn't go in and take more shots. Because this outdoor dining area is way too pretty as it was clearly a paradise dining area with beaches and sea.

As you can the beach over there are still considered clean without any trash or rubbish on the sand itself. I love that from afar, the sea and the ocean look like it was inline. We didn't go near to the sea because at that time the sun is really hot shines on top of our head.

With it, super long and loose cutting of this maxi dress and with me gaining weight, this dress doesn't make me look fat or plum at all. I was really surprised with the super tall and sleek look of me wearing this maxi dress. Guess how many years that I haven't been wearing MAXI DRESS!!

Not only that they also provided the horse riding at the small area of the beach. So we pay a little fee and hold the horse for some photoshoot too. The results were amazing, I never imagine to take beautiful shots with a horse before. I love each of the shots taken with the horse.

Outfit Details

Dress | Taiwan Online Shop (online buy 2-3 years ago)
Wedges | Twmall (through Ezbuy)
Heart Shape Hoop Earrings | Taobao

Since I have been keeping this dress for quite some years until I can't remember where I got it from but I do remember it was from a Taiwan Facebook Shop. The maxi dress is really long and therefore heels or wedges is the best accessories to match with. I didn't shoot the close look of the wedges. But there are some photos showing few details of the wedges. Thanks for reading!

Till Then.


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  1. That dress is a crucial point in your pictures - beautiful, flowy and suitable for the occasion.

  2. Your makeup, outfit, photo background and editing all so on point!!!


  3. I really really like how you used the shadows casted on the wall to your advantage, complementing the shot. didn't know you could pull off a dreamy beach attire! wow, nice.

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  8. Amazing that you kept the dress for 2 - 3 years but finally found the perfect setting. LOL I don't think I have this kind of patience. I would have given it away. Nice outcome, though.

    1. Me too! But this dress is too pretty to give away!

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    love your outfit and your makeup!

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