Finally, I can share about my haul for this Loreal collaboration with Beauty and The Beast. This collaboration launch during March/April. Since it's preview are out, I already plan to get the lipstick myself! The packaging of this collection is so pretty and Beauty and The Beast is the most anticipating movie that everyone has been waited for!

Too bad when this collection launch we can only get it from Amazon Italy. Luckily one of my blogger's friend can help to get the collection from Italy. Hence I decide to buy 3 of the lipsticks and gave one to my friend too. Both of the lipstick I bought is my top favorite so here I am introducing my favorite lipstick from this collection.

The most significant design of this collection - The Enchanted Rose. I fall in love at the first sight, beautiful rose with the gold outer on the lipstick itself. The packaging itself is very elegant and classy. Navy and Gold color was a really pretty and elegant color contrast.

On the lipstick itself, there's also craft with Loreal Paris word. I never purchase any of Loreal Lipstick before, with this collection release this is my purchase of Loreal lipstick.

This Enchanted Rose is a really strong reddish color.

The top color was the full lips color of The Enchanted Rose on my lips. The bottom color is when I have done bloating my lips. 

The color itself is really pretty and pigmented on its own. I thought the color was supposed to be more reddish. However, it was near to a rosy red with a pinch of pink color. The overall color outcome was not a very strong stand out color but was rather a sweet red color.

Next is the Lumiere the clock character in the movie Beauty and the Beast. The reason why I choose this as my second favorite because of its brown nude packaging too.

Throughout this entire collection, Lumiere is the second nicest packaging! With the Gold and Nude packaging, just like the color itself. Can deny my love to nude brown color, with the gold classy packaging. The both color and packaging are really nice!

Lumiere is a nude brownish color.

Lumiere's color on my lips. I love that the formula glides smoothly on my lips. It gives my lips the moisture that I need.

This nude brown color gives a really natural brown nude lips color. If you don't like strong and bright color, you can try out this Lumiere color from this Beauty and the Beast collection.

I always do some swatches on hand. In conclusion, both of the lipstick colors are pretty similar with it real color on hand and lips. I always thought the Enchanted Color will be darker but turns out it was in more to red pinkish tone.

Overall the packaging has won over my heart. Although the color is not as long lasting since it was not the matte texture. But I love how creamy and smooth the application on my lips.

The Goods
Elegant Packaging
Beauty and the Beast Collection

The Bad
Easy Transfer
Not long lasting

Helpful Tips 
To sustain your lips color on your lips, you can apply first apply full lips color and bloat your lips. After bloating your lips, proceed with another layer of color on your lips. You can even apply powder to let the color stay matte and more long lasting too.

Where to Get
You can get from Amazon/eBay for now. If you find someone who can help you buy from Italy, you can request for it too!

** This product is not sponsored. I buy from my own money.


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  1. Omg I love the packaging. Lucky you. Why don't they sell at asian country?

  2. The nude brown attracted me... omg... itchy heart and hand now...


  3. nice themed packaging, it makes for an interesting match. lovely rose colour

  4. The packaging so pretty!! *gasps*
    Even the shade also so prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!


  5. wow ! cant believe Loreal collaborate with Beauty & The Beast ! the design are so tempting to buy ! i like the red rose !

  6. Those shades lipstick looks so gorgeous. I really like the brownish color looks very simple.

  7. I am really in love with the lipstick cases. I think Enchanted Rose looks very good on you. Perhaps I am just biased because I love classic red lipsticks?

    1. Haha! I love that color too, makes me look fairer too!

  8. so loving those packaging.. you are so lucky you got them... I wish I could have gotten it too

    1. Yeap! I guess now the price should have been more expensive!

  9. I would so purposely get the Enchanted Rose just for collecting it..that product packaging is so beautiful...I actually liked the colour very much..though it's a bummer that it wasn't the colour you were expecting...

  10. Omg Sharon these are so gorgeous! I love the shades that you bought. Pity its also not available here in Manila.

  11. The color shades are nice. Love the packaging with the rose on it.

  12. The packaging is so divine! Pity it's not yet available in PH. Hopefully, soon.

  13. wow! I can see that the lipstick so moisture. I also want :(


  14. OMG now i regret not getting the lumiere. i got the beast and the rose for myself :p