Hi guys! if you have been following my Instagram, You would have known I had joined The Music Run™ by AIA Vitality 2017 at KL Sports City on 4th Nov 2017 Saturday. The Music Run™ event is so happening and I really enjoy myself a lot of the event.  

Even when I step in the event place, it was already filled with all the awesome music with a very good sound system set up. Not only that this year their track was also taken up a notch this year with the addition of a new timed 10k track for Music Runners who want to take their fitness game to new highs. Total runners in this event were filled with 20,000 Music Runners including me.  

Look at the crowds! My first time joining The Music Run™ and I didn’t expect it can be so crowded. I was worry that maybe it might rain due to it was the monsoon raining season recently. Thank God, the weather was so good on that day!

Look at my sports outfit for the day, kinda cute right? The Music Run™ t-shirt that given on that day itself and I manage to match it with my black shoe and short pants.    

The whole event takes place in the Bukit Jalil stadium, look at how well the organizer decorates the place.  

The event also invited Malaysia’s favorite rock band Kyoto Protocol enthralled Music Runners with their electric performance before the run. I really love their music, it really brings up the music runners spirits through out the musi jamming session. 

Here with my loves one! Our first run together with The Music Run™.

Massage stations by Tiger Balm.

The event also provides a place for the runner to enjoy themselves with the fun activities happening at the Music Village, including the AIA Vitality bubble bump football and the other myriad of fun activations.

Presenting sponsor AIA kept participants entertained with bubble bump football and a dance-off challenge, while showcasing the key components of the AIA Vitality programme – Know Your Health, Improve Your Health and Enjoy The Rewards.

On-ground carpool karaoke contest with Petron.

A K-Pop dance challenge by The Face Shop.

Food crowds!

This year’s event also saw the introduction of the first ever Common Wellness Village, where Music Runners could treat themselves to a host of tasty and healthy food and beverages by partners like Kind Kones, Life Juice, and The Good Co. During the event, you can get your snack & drinks at the kiosk, it provides really delicious food and refreshing drinks.  

My favorite poke bowl meal from Paperfish! Ever since I been trying out Poke Bowl from Kurin and The Fish Bowl near my office, my love for poke bowl is growing. Super healthy and delicious poke bowl to try. Perfect to build your muscle after a hectic exercise.

Music Runners™ getting ready to run the 5km Inspo Zones. 

Not forget that The Music Run™ by AIA Vitality 2017 kicked off with a bang as the first wave of runners were flagged off for their timed 10K too!

Also, The Music Run™ is proud to continue its long-standing partnership with presenting sponsor, AIA Malaysia. 

Eric Chang, Chief Marketing Officer of AIA Bhd. said, 

“We are thrilled to have partnered The Music Run™, once again under the AIA Vitality banner. It is our mission to help people everywhere live longer, healthier and better lives and The Music Run has been an excellent way to show Malaysians that exercise can be fun. It doesn’t matter whether the runners walked, ran or danced through the track – every step counts in making a positive change in their life.”

Throughout the 5km Inspo Zones, The Music Run™ by AIA Vitality also experienced upgrades to the running course - ‘Sound Track’ - which included brand new ‘Inspo Zones’ by each sponsor that replaced five music zones from last year. We experience performance zones by AirAsia, cool zone by Petronas, and also water zone for toilet and recharging yourself with 100 plus too!

By the time we reach the end, was around 7:30pm. Since I been following my hubby during the run, we did run and rest during the run. Of cause with the inspo zone set around, we also spend some time to recharge and enjoy the music along the run path. It was the best fun run I enjoy by far, also my first time joining with my hubby. I am really proud of him able to complete the run together with me also.

The track was also taken up a notch this year with the addition of a new timed 10k track. Jeffrey Ross came in first place under the inaugural 10k men’s category in a time of 00:36:53 while Denise Benson was crowned the winner of the 10k women’s category at a time of 00:49:08. All winners received a special trophy to commemorate their win, as well as exclusive prizes sponsored by Creative, Fitbit and Tiger Balm!

To heighten the experience at the finish line was DJ Sam Withers of Australia. Withers who tours across various The Music Runs around the world also brought with him infectious tunes that kept the crowd grooving and living the beat till the end. Taking fans `through a set of expertly-mixed dance tracks, which was served against a stunning display of laser lights and a riveting pyrotechnic show, immersing fans in The Music Run™ experience.  

After the run, the whole event itself has become a music festival. Even though everyone is tired and exhausted after the run, but we have so much energy left to jump, sing and enjoy the music night! So do I, the fun and the music night with The Music Run™ is something that I wouldn't forget!

I am a happy girl now! My first run medal received in my life. Thanks for the invite and awesome fun and fulling night at The Music Run™. Never will I forget this awesome night too!

Check out the video to experience the night of The Music Run™ and subscribe to their channel to for latest update!

The Music Run™ was first held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2014. This phenomenal home-grown music and fitness wave has since been winning fans the world over. Exceed Sports and Entertainment run events in Bangkok, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Shenzhen, Singapore, and Taipei. 

For more information please visit The Music Run™ 


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  1. Wow good on you for doing your first run and it's with Music Run! It indeed sounds fun! I wanna join too if have chance.

  2. I heard that the best performance is the saxophone play by the guy. Very entertaining

  3. The entire event vibes looks really wow! Everyone looked like they are having massive fun in the programme. Would love to join it but I have a prior commitment on that day.

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  5. music run! i was there too, and it was fun fun fun! , just a little bit too loud when i run next to the speakers. haha

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  7. Wow that looks great and fun event. I love music,and you are doing great keep it up!

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  9. Sure look so happening... I wish I could have joined in... huhuhu

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  13. Wow, what a massive run event this was. I just cannot imagine the energy of so many people in one venue. Don't I wish I was there as well!