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Lacey Dress Weekend Outfit #74

Can't believe we almost reach the end of the first week of 2018! Since I been on leave for the entire week on the last week of 2017, when I first back to work I did feel my work kinda rusty and I have been not sleeping early too even though I am back to work. Therefore, it's been a kinda tired week for me to kick start my 2018. I will be going to bed after I finish this weekend outfit post!

I will be working on my recap 2017 and resolution 2018 soon! I bet it will be a long post for me to write. A quick intro about this lacey dress, I bought it from Taobao to wear it to my friend's wedding in November 2017. 

To be honest, I am not a kinda lace girl. However, this lacey dress somehow caught my attention with its beautiful black lace details. I bet you guys rarely see me in lace or in black. This dress has both the elements that I don't really try on. When I received this dress, I fall in love with every detail of this dress! Interested to know where I got this beautiful lace dress? 

I first saw in from Facebook, one of the local fashion boutiques is selling this dress. But they are selling for almost RM100. I did find the details of this dress are so pretty and it also comes with long sleeve design. Guess what eventually I did try to look this dress at Taobao and got it for around RM70 with really superb quality!

While I am gaining weight, I am not fancy of wearing tight evening dress anymore. Instead, I try to look for a dress with princess flow design which helps to cover my belly and buttocks. I got myself M size (no longer S size) and it fits perfectly with me! If you ask me if there's any itchiness or pickiness when I wear this dress? Not at all, as it has a linen lining underneath the lace dress. Even the stitches and the lace details, it does not fall out or line loosen out also! I am really happy with my purchase of this dress from Taobao. 

My first time with transparent heels! I always wanted to try out this kind of transparent heels. I am not sure if you heard of wearing this kind of heels, your leg will be painful when you walk. But to my surprise, this pair of heels is so comfy and so easy to walk too. It was not a very pair of a super high heel as well. It has thin heels but not pointy. Overall I did enjoy myself walking around with this pair of heels.

Do you notice on my arm, there's see-through Tattoo as well! Yeap this dress has a see-through design around the shoulder and my arm too. Which is another highlight area that I love it!! 

Lace, Black, and See-through aren't this dress is the perfect kinda of black dress to wear for any special occasion.

The original link no longer available however I found out one of my favorite seller from Taobao selling even cheaper price. I will link it down below. The best things is I saw they have even more different black lace design too. 

Outfit Detail

Dress | Taobao 
Heels |

Till Then!


  1. Nice dress and heels too babe <3


  2. Beautiful dress and fits you perfectly. I am not that lucky when it comes to buying clothes online. They only fit me well about 20% of the time and I have to give away the rest of my purchases!

    1. That's too bad! Perhaps you need to shop at some reliable online shopping website!

  3. Sharon you always look so fashionable. Nice dress indeed

  4. You look gorgeous in your lovely lace dress. I really like the design and outline of your dress and it really fit on you.

  5. Lovely! The dress and heels suit you well :) Glad that the dress fits nicely on you; sometimes the dilemma of getting outfit online would be the size. I bought 2 cardigans from Taobao and it was slightly bigger than expected but well, better be bigger than smaller :D

    1. I am glad that you still stay positive despite the size is bigger! I always have this kind of dilemma too =P

  6. U r great looking in lacey dress.. not to young, not too old for you...


  7. Love the details of this dress. You look gorgeous wearing it.

  8. Love your dress dear! So classy =)

  9. Sunmch a pretty dress! Taobao always sells beautiful dress that are hard to resists :) You look fabulous!

  10. You look pretty in this outfit. Your heels look great on you too.


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