A short weekend outfit post on a busy weekend. Definitely the busiest weekend I had to kick start my 2018. I have not been sleeping early during weekdays too. Even though when I know the need of going to bed early still my mind won't follow or listen to me. In the end, I will be sleeping at 1am or later. 

Can you believe that my Christmas outfit is shoot right after Christmas, haha! Basically, I just spend my Christmas at Kluang and JB. Which both places do not have any nice Christmas decor mall to visit. After back from there, we have been to Pavilion and Mid Valley to enjoy some Christmas decor before 2017 ends. So yeah, today outfit shot mostly taken at Mid Valley and few shots are at Pavilion. 

When I wear back my 'Christmas Outer', a lot of my friends asked about it. This jacket was bought a few years ago and since I do not have any festive top to wear during Christmas. I decided to wear back this jacket as one of my Christmas must wear outer. 

It has a really thick and chio length that I really like. With its color in Red and Green, definitely perfect to wear during Christmas festive. It also comes with a hoodie too! The length of the outer is just the right length I like too. 

Whereas the dress I wear is a beautiful white floral red dress from Nineteen89.co too! Also, a piece that I bought for weeks and did not have the chance to try it. Since Red is a must wear color for Christmas, so I wear finally wear this dress for my Christmas look. 

Since the outfit is pretty outstanding therefore I match with my nudes heels which gives some nudes and harmony tones for my entire look. Really love my matching of the day.

I did wear a tube underneath the dress because of fats. Haha! If you are slim enough it does not need extra inner top when u wear this dress. It is a wrap tie dress where you can tie and secure on your waist. It has really beautiful flowly and comfortable material. The cons will be the skirt are too short for me. 

One of my favorite shoot at Pavilion!

Beautiful Christmas tree light.

I will have one more Christmas outfit post on my blog soon! Stay tuned guys. 

Outfit Details

Dress | Nineteen89.co
Heels | Happy2u.my

Till Then. 


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