How time flies and we are now in 2018! Although I been seeing a lot started to share their recap of the year 2017, instead I will still be doing it on my blog. Which I can always read back and refer back to the coming years too. It's been a while since I write a long blog post on my blog. I guess I do not have the energy now to spending too much time in thinking and drafting a pot. But once I started, I can't stop writing and typing.

For the start of the year, there's not many updates and new things that happened as well. I pretty sure works and my life are pretty chill for now. I can't wait to explore new things and projects that will be coming soon too. So what about you? Are you excited for a new year new life experience?

Well, I'm not sure should I recap monthly as I didn't feel that much needed as every month for me there are so many things to be grateful and thankful. That I can't choose which is the most things that are significant for me, as all of the reviews and collaboration is important and significant for me. I guess I should just write up a summary for certain area of my life and of course some of my first time in 2017 too!

My New Life

The biggest changes for my 2017 is I finally get married and be someone wife and daughter. I get married on the 27th of May 2017. Although I feel there are not many changes in life, except some of the minor parts like we getting new beds and cupboard. Like finally, I can have my own dream bedroom (in progress). Hopefully to get new shoes and clothes rack for more organizing space. Wait, future kids? I guess we are not both ready for it. So this is not in my resolution for 2018 for sure!

Talking about first time (besides getting married lol), I actually designed and in charge fully for my wedding space too. Both of us are not really a couple which is fancy about any tradition thingy for our wedding. We try to keep it as simple as possible, decor all the stuff on our own as well. All the decor items we got from few different places like wholesalers and Taobao. I still remember that time I am still learning how to shop Taobao my own and how Pamela actually teach me and order all the items I need from Taobao. Until now I am such a PRO LOL!

If you are interested to check out how I actually decor my wedding venue, you may read via the link below:

Thanks again to all the one who helps out in my wedding, the beautiful bridesmaids, the handsome bridegroom, friends, and family. To those who attend my wedding as well, My Dad especially.

My Friends

In 2017, I met some really good and new friends too. Shin may on my left and Nicole on my right! We even have a group name swaggers where it comes from but we have been actively met up monthly and hang out whenever we free. There's just so many things we can laugh and talk about whenever we meet up! We share beauty tips, fashion tips and haul that we buy every time, haha. Seriously we are super crazy and noisy whenever we laugh together. I guess this is what friends are meant for?

Of course with Adeline, we have grown so much together. We still meet up whenever we can. Guess she is getting busier with her entrepreneur social media work with her boyfriend. But I am glad that we still making time for each other to meet up and bonding together!

As for my friends for more than 10 years, we finally have our first trip together. I can't admit that we actually chit chat a lot after my marriage and hanging out even more often too. It was something unexpected and I would want to highlight in my 2017 recap too. Although we are missing one of us during our Sekinchan trip, we still able to share the joy of 4 of us throughout the trip. Hopefully soon, we will have a trip soon with all 5 of us. 

Most of us start to chit chat about clothes and beauty stuff which I really enjoying and interested in it. Since I started to learn more about beauty stuff, I am so happy and grateful that I am able to share my knowledge with them. Let's us continue to strive more healthy lifestyle and healthy skin too!

 I started to interact more with friends when Instagram have this new DM and Insta Story function! It gives me more chances to reach out and make new friends too. I am more of an introvert where I like texting and chit-chatting with new friends. However when meeting new friends f2f, I will tend to be cool and I am kinda people who take time to build new relationships. So with the DM function, I can easily chat with new friends in Instagram feel closer to them rather than just scrolling and liking each other pictures!


This year traveling hasn't been a big part of my 2017. However, I am still able to have my first girls trip with my college mates to Lombok. I would describe our trip as adventurous because never would I thought this trip is so challenging for us. Despite that, we are still able to visit a lot of beautiful beaches and island together. Travel is never been boring and tired!

Ever since our marriage, we still haven't been to travel and honeymoon yet due to big budget for our wedding. Although I do not have the urge of traveling soon, however being able to travel, see and learn new things is something exciting and happy to look forward

My Blogging Journey

In the year 2017, I have played a lot of different hair color from Purple to Red to Blue. Thanks, JeffLee Hair Company for the wonderful hair service experience. I am able to experience and play with different hair color that I like. Even got a purple hair for my wedding which it was kinda like dream come true moment haha!

Bleaching is never good for hair but you must know how to take care and style it to makes it looks nice on you. When you started, you will get addicted to it.

Read!! My first Music Run and Run

I finally got the chance to join a run! During my high school time, my favorite sports are running! I love to run a marathon and always get a medal during my high school time. Now the marathon is kinda pricey and I am not willing to pay for it as I have other stuff that I more attended too.

So when I got the invite for Music Run, seeing the date and time that is really perfect for us to join! I finally join my first marathon together with my hubby. Read up to see what had we done on the run!

So yeah, I got my first fashion collab too! Can't thank enough for their love and patient with me. I did struggle with this collaboration, because of my high expectation for this first collab. I put my link in the title so you can go and read up! Show some love by comments on my either post too. 

My first Butterfly x Travel
Via more Photos via here

Before 2017 ends, I have my first staycation with all the Butterflies! My favorite blogging community with The Butterfly Project and now we can even travel together with the Butterflies. We normally only get to see each other at events and parties. Staying together is another level up as a blogging community! I am forever grateful and thankful for this beautiful and awesome blogging community. That brings us all together in!

Last but not least, I want to thanks for the brands and community below for the great opportunity to work with them. Hopefully in the year 2018, there will be more exciting collaborations with new brands and existing brands too!

Beauty Brand Collaboration
Physician Formula
more and more

Food Reviews
Hello Project
DS Social Media
Renaissance Hotel
Shook! KL
Kipple Pay
more and more

My 2017 Shopping Obsession

If you have been followed my Instagram, you will have to know that I been sharing a lot of Colourpop and Taobao Haul that I been crazy with throughout the year 2017. Colourpop palettes have been my obsessions that I bought nearly 9 palettes in total during their Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Year End Sales, and more. 12 colors around 16$ which around RM70, with their buttery and pigment color. Their palettes are definitely the kind of palette you need to buy it! 

Shop below (beware when you click it!!)

Not only that, I started shopping at Taobao official in 2017 too! So I used to shop in Twmall but unfortunately with our currency drop that is no longer worth to shop from Taiwan. So Taobao has been my best friend and I can shop 200-300myr per month from there. Which including clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, home accessories and other more! I can proudly say that most of my weekend outfit is mostly from Taobao. Quality and Price wise is considered average too! Not much of bad quality material but some will be not the right size for me as I been gaining weight in the year 2017

Read up my Weekend Outfit post
Weekend Outfit


Lastly no forget to follow my Instagram too!

My Commitment

My commitment increase when I start paying for my insurance and medical card. I feel that as we grow older, I feel that it is more important to have our life secured and insured. I would also feel that I shouldn't be a burden to people around me when I fall sick too. Hence I decided to start my insurance commitment in the year 2017 too.

2018 Resolution

I think for this year there are so many uncertainties that happen to me for this year. So yeah, I think I will gonna note down here as a reminder and see how far can I achieve or I will just continue to stay in my comfort zone.

The Uncertainties
Am I gonna continue to work or change a job environment?
Am I gonna step up to serve as a Worship Leader?
Should I start up my own business this year?
Should I need to start saving more money rather than just shopping?
Should I start to exercise even more? Do I have the determination?

Do I afraid of each of the decision I will do in 2018? Definitely a yes, therefore for this year there will be more challenges and uncertainties in 2018. There are so many concerns I will be worrying and fear of. I will keep this in my prayers and continue to have faith in what has God plan for me for the coming months.

The Must Do's
Save More Money for Travel
Write more Blog posts (with payment)
Share more #sharoootd and #sharonmotd soon
Start a new Instagram Feed
Sleep Early!!
Health Come First

The Wish List
Ring Light
New Camera??
Werking on my dream bedroom

Thanks for those who actually read and scroll finish my post! Another long post to finish up and there are so many things happen in 365 Days. Sometimes is never be like to recap or to show off the things that happened in your life, but I start to think of What's your First Time in the year 2017? What have you overcome and challenges yourself throughout the year? Have you achieve it and overcome it? 

I guess is just the way I change and grow up to be. I hope that in 2018, I will overcome more of my uncertainties and fear in my life. Strives for more and Accept more challenges in life too!

Till Then.


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  1. oh wow you made out the good resolution and it seems you made it very beautifully in last year. Loved it with pics..

  2. You have a fabulous 2017! Will we be expecting a mini-Sharon this year? Ehem... Stay fabulous!

  3. Oh!! It looks like you had a great and awesome experience in 2017. Hope you are having more activities and career this 2018.

  4. Wahhh 2017 memang tahun yang happening for you. and tak lupa juga tahniah atas wedding..:D. Hope 2018 banyak lagi dan lagi projek blogging masuk

  5. Some of your Must Do and The Wish List are also on mine too - like save money for travel and New camera. Hehe. Happy New Year babe

    1. Yay! Hopefully we can both achieve it together =)

  6. Well, I am the first reading your post I think :) Hahaha.
    I love to read and see your OOTD very much actually ^^

    I did my post too, you may read if you want -


  7. Enjoyed reading your recap for 2017. How time flies, and it made me reflect on the year that has been for myself. Many things had come and gone, some good and some bad but that's just life and we only have to look forward to a better year ahead!

    1. Thanks Emily! Hopefully you have a great year ahead too!

  8. you definitely had an awesome year... 2017 was also a changing point for me and for the better I hope as a single mom...

    1. Hugs babe!! Hope you have a fabulous year ahead dear =)