Beside doing shopping in a supermarket or any other local store, I also enjoy shopping at 100 yen such as Daiso or even RM10 shop such as Miniso or Yubiso! Today I will gonna blog about my recent visit to TOKUYA another 100 Yen shopping paradise located at Arcoris Mont Kiara. TOKUYA is a new 100 Yen Concept Shop and if you been to Japan before TOKUYA is originated from Japan too. Read on to see what I get from TOKUYA and how's their shop looks like.

For the top picture, it was decorated so pretty and artistry that you can shoot some OOTD shot around the corner. Just like how I love to visit Japan stores, in TOKUYA it does carry some of the Japan Vibes and it was a nice place to shop for some Japan Household stuff where you can't get it locally.

In TOKUYA, you can shop for household items, kitchenware, decor items, organizers, beauty item and more. Scroll on and see what I find around TOKUYA!

I even find some glassware for my product shoot too! It only cost less than RM8 and above depends on the quality and the design of the item.

This is so pretty and calm if you happen to decor your house area.

More glassware and wooden kitchenware.

Some of the cute decor ideas for your house.

They have more wooden and rattan basket too on the other corner.

Some of the baking utensils and kitchen handy tool to ease your food preparation for your family!

I definitely need this for my shoe cabinet. Charcoal is a good choice to clear any smelly stinky shoes, especially for sneakers after wearing one whole day out.

For all the beauty junkies, you can find yourself a range of makeup products and nail polish. All of their makeup products come in less than RM8 only. The nail polish comes in different range colors, I love all the pastel range and the quality is pretty good. You can even find the famous lips mask from Korea too! 

Time to organize and declutter your stuff before CNY. Get some organizer to clean up the messy stuff around your house.

I find this bubble pump packaging is so minimal and perfect for product shooting!

You can also find some DIY kit and Stationaries at TOKUYA too!

Found this really cute Kumamon wet wipes! It was a mascot represent Kyushu region, southwestern part of Japan. He is also "Japan's most popular bear" too!

After done with all our shopping spree at TOKUYA, time to check out and pay for our haul. I believe all of us who went to TOKUYA got all the things they like. 

Get as many as household items you need from TOKUYA. Some of the special Japan items you can get from Tokuya, such as Banana Cutter, Special Soft Tub for food washing and even my friend got a big tub for Legs! It was so convenient for those who like to soak their leg after tiring day back home.

Check out my TOKUYA haul which I get all the stuff for RM100. It doesn't cost a big hole for my wallet but in the meantime, I get to design of my wall with all the photos that I take together with my hubby! Each of the metal hanger cost less than RM8 and below. Super cheap and affordable!

More of my shopping haul from TOKUYA! From makeup, beauty to decor items too.

Also, I did a really simple makeup challenge using the eyeshadow and lip palette from TOKUYA too. Feel free to watch through my video to know what's my impression and the quality of their makeup item too.

That's all for my haul and shopping spree at TOKUYA, Arcoris Mont Kiara! The place is still quite new, make sure to ask around when you reach Arcoris Mont Kiara and don't get lost

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LG1_06&07 Arcoris Plaza Mont' Kiara 

Till Then

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  1. all the things u get from tokuya are really cute . I hope Tokuya also open their branch here in Indonesia ~♡

  2. Me too was in love with TOKUYA Malaysia products and prices

  3. aaa...kl always have cool shops!
    But its ok. i will make sure i go here when i come to kl cause i just love cute stuff like these.

  4. Yes pretty decoration and also cheap

  5. I love Tokuya too. They have many great selection of Japan items too.

  6. we don't have to go all the way to Japan anymore nowadays. So cool la this shop, and best of all, its cheaaaaap

  7. I am not sure if I visited Tokuya in Japan. But never mind, I can just visit the one in Mont Kiara instead.

  8. Wow I like the items you've got! Shopping is indeed always fun especially at dollar_savings store like this :)

    1. Exactly! It doesn't cost a big hole in my bank!

  9. Daiso, Miniso and Yubiso are my favourite haunts for cute stuff. I believe I will enjoy shopping as much at Tokuya! Can't wait to check it out personally.

  10. Heard of this from other ppl too. Macam many things can buy eh.. haha