Here's my paddy field weekend outfit post. Whenever my friend plan for a one day trip, Sekinchan is always on the top list. Within the past 6 months, I have been there for two times. Therefore Sekinchan is not a strange place to me, as the place is quite small. Even the places I visit is the same as previous too. But this time since is swaggers trip, we opt to take a lot of photos here at the paddy field. In the end, I got really tan skin on my left hand with my watch mark on my wrist as well. 

Since we are at paddy field, I wear a quite neutral tone outfit to match with the background paddy field. 

Love the tone color of the photo. With blue sky, green and yellowish paddy field. It looks like a painting background. 

With the super hot sunny weather, we barely open our eyes but luckily with the specs I was able to pose and shoot some nice photo. 

Can't think of a better matching of a white shirt with my beige floral skirt. This is one of my favorite white shirts as it matches with a lot of bottoms and even jacket too. Just to add some accessories to match my outfit, I tie a small band scarf on my neck for this super country girl style look.  

After spending hours on the Paddy Field, we move on to another place to the sea and I took some full body shot and jumping shot too!  The sand is so white and there are not many people at the beach too. It was a quick and easy shot! 

Never been so chill and fun taking photos of such a beautiful nature place. I wear my new purchase of this khakis shoes from Fash Grace to complete this whole look. Try to be more neutral and garden style as possible. My flowly floral skirt is so comfy to wear as well. No joke that the sea breeze that day was really big too. 

Lastly, check out some of our group photo in the paddy field. I can't believe three of us has the same interests in a lot of areas and taking crazy photos together is one of it! 

Outfit Details

Top and Bottom | Taobao
Sunglasses | Korna
Shoes | Fash Grace

Till Then. 

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  1. Lovely Sekinchan shots. Always love the colours just before harvesting. Your country girl look really fitted in. Expected you to take along different outfits, though.

  2. You nailed it Sharon and I always enjoy your OOTD posts! Eco-friendly shoot and always candid :D

  3. Really nice place to have photoshoot. I like your outfit its like a boho style really matches the place.

  4. wahh seronoknya bercuti di sawah bendang...padi pula tengah menguning tunggu untuk dituai saja...mesti pengalaman ini tidak dapat dilupakan...seronok berada di sawah padi...