Time for some Monday Weekend Outfit update! This time is another theme outfit with all my favorite girls, that is denim theme style. Denim style is really versatile and always back on trend during summer time. I do have a favorite piece of denim jacket but it's been in my wardrobe for some time, it's time to wear them again.

Love this close shot taking by Shin May. It captures my look really clear and natural. Accessories of the day are this really cute student look glasses and my chain earrings.

Next are some of the shoots of our BFF Outfits, from left to right, Shin May, Your Truly, Nicole, and Carinn. I love how we have coordinate this denim style outfit together! Shin May and Nicole are in romper style dress, For me and Carinn, we style with our denim jackets and bottom wear.

We have this white and pink theme to match with our denim style, we keep our shoes all in white color too! Do you notice that our denim outfits are all light wash blue color, our overall color theme is also kinda pastel with pinks and whites too.

It was such a blessing to have a bunch of girls with same interest meet together. I am so blessed now with a bunch of girls that I really care and cherish a lot. Hopefully, we can do it more often too, Shin May please come back to Malaysia again!

Some of my portraits shot! I really love this staircase where it matches our swag and cool style, you can simply pose and you are good to go! 

Love my oversize denim outer that I been looking in Taobao for so long and finally manage to get denim outer that I really like! It comes in slightly rip pattern that looks super rugged and a ring details on the outer pockets. For inner tee, I am wearing a simple white tee to match with my denim outfits.

Wish to come here and take more outfit because this corner is so insta worthy too! During that day I was really rush and did not spend more times here. Thanks, Carinn for this few shots on the staircase.

With Carinn babe!

The cutest Nicole!

With the Korea Girl, Shin May in the house! 

Some of my favorite full body shot, thanks to the photographer - Shin May! Getting improve taking my OOTDs too.

Outfit Details

Outer | Taobao
T-Shirt | Bangkok
Bottom | Brand Outlet
Bag | Taobao
Shoes | Taobao

Till Then.

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  1. I am loving everything about this..from the styling to the mere fact of using jeans the fashion staple, to cute friendship goals like this. xoxo

    1. Thanks babe for your sweet support and comment!

  2. So nice to have a group of friends that shares the same interest as you, as well as similar Fashion sense. Love these group shots and how you all go out of the way to make things happen.

    1. YEAY! I really appreciate this bunch of girls alot =)

  3. Wow! Taobao got so many fashion treasures to look for. Love your Denim theme outfits that is great for girls day out!

  4. It is always a good thing to be able to share the same interest with your girls. All of you seem to match each other's outfits and flair for the lens. You are right, the Denims are timeless and they look good on you guys. :)

  5. 90s denim are back baby! You always look chio and stylish :)

  6. Really love these denim OOTD shots! The background really suits these kind of apparel. You gals are really creative in your dressing and looking for matching places for photoshoot.

    1. Luckily we manage to find the place!! Thanks EMILY!!

  7. Wah...very instresting, the outfit is very beautiful

  8. You all looks gorgeous with denim..I also have denim..pakai sekali sekala je..i wear with my dress

  9. you look nice in denim... if im on Denim, i felt ackward.. maybe im into too much corporate styles d. lolx...