在曼谷的少女粉色系店还是咖啡馆!? Top 4 Shops MUST VISIT in Siam, Bangkok!!

Yess!! finally going to blog and share about all the pink stores I visited during my Bangkok trip. Not much but there's total of four stores that we visited on our first day in Bangkok. It was pretty rush because we visited the stores until it is their closing time. Thank God that there are not many people and we quickly visit and took some nice shot in their store. If you interested to see all my outfit photos in this cute pink shops, you may click here for photo and here for video.


First Pink stop is this Matchbox X Pink Planter store. Please be noted that they have few outlets nearby! The one I visited have three floors which come with 2 floors of shops and the 3rd floor is a cafe. 

我的第一站是到 Matchbox X Pink Planter(有三楼),他们有很多分行而且都是在附近罢了。所以找GOOGLE MAP的时候,尽量找Pink Planter Cafe 这样会比较好找。

In Matchbox you can find all the different clothing brands from Thailand which is very convenient. You won't need to travel to a few stores to look for different kind of outfits. In this shop, I manage to shop for Chamniii item which I have been aiming for a while and a Riya rainbow bag too. 


This store is quite packed on the first and second floor. Where everyone was shopping and looking for outfits on the clothes rack. But it was quite fun to shop here where you get to see different styles of an outfit in just one shop. The second floor basically is the continuous stop for shoppers and adding some beauty products corner and fitting rooms. 


When we reach the third floor it was close to evening time and from my photo, you can see that the lightning is pretty dim and orangey. The cafe is less crowded too during this time. 

三楼就是 PINK PLANTER咖啡馆了,因为我们也很赶时间就没有坐下来享用她们的食物。只是在可爱的角落拍照而已!

But we still manage to snap some photos with this flamingo wall. 

Not forget about this pretty LED light corner. In Matchbox, you get to see as many as LED light as possible as well. I guess is a bonus point when u come by night. 

这间店到处都可以看到LED 灯,或许我们是傍晚到吧所以整个店微暗再加上店里的LED灯拍照看起来比较有Feel~ 呵呵

Another pretty LED Light corner near the staircase. 

Another LED light in another branch store of Matchbox that we manage to find the first place. 


Matchbox x Pink Planter

Opening Hours
Cafe Close on Weekend

The second pink stop we went to this Stylenanda Pink Hotel which is just nearby Siam Centre. Which I will suggest you can drop by to here first and make your visit to another pink shop because the remaining are just nearby to each other. 


Stylenanda hotel comes in four floors for you to visit. The first and second floor will be all their makeup products. The third floor is their clothing/laundry area. The fourth floor will be their Pink Pool Cafe. 

这间Stylenanda酒店有四楼,第一和第二楼都可以找到她们家的美妆产品。第三楼好像衣服Laundry罢了,到了第四楼就是有很漂亮的Pink Pool咖啡馆。

The second floor must shot corner. 


Not only that we come to a point that their staircase is so instagramable too! Since we are wearing colorful tees and it matches this colorful staircase. 


Third-floor Stylenanda Pink Pool! Compare to the Korea Pink Pool Cafe this one is smaller but still I feel it is a very cute cafe to hang out and take some nice photos! The entire ambiance is so chilling and girlish with blue and white wall tiles and pink tables and chairs. 


Manage to take set up a timer and took this BFF shot together with my babe, Nicole. When they already saying they are closed for the cafe area. 


This cafe is too cute! Which the entire concept is a swimming pool and not forget about their floor designated as the swimming pool layout too. Super adorable!


Let's start our swimming journey here! 


Stylenanda Pink Hotel Bangkok

Close time 8:00pm+

Next two pink stops I gonna share both are also outfit shops. If you love Korean fashion inspo and cheap stuff, you will definitely enjoy shopping at both the shops! Cintage School also comes in many branches in Bangkok. So the biggest one is in Siam and also comes in 2 floors of the shopping experience and 2 floors of cafes/salon experience.


One thing I love shopping in Bangkok is they always update the latest trend in every of their store. They change the style every week and they have a lot of cute tees design in stores which are my favorite outfit pieces. 


3rd floor and here we have a super cute pink nail salon. Why all the shops in Bangkok are way too pretty. The concept is so nice and creative too.


Love this kind of cute corner where you can take photos non stop lol!


We reach the top of the cafe at Cintage School! It was another cute pink cafe to visit. Although the selection of foods and drinks are limited, everyone is here to take photos in their pink pool.

来到最高一楼了就是咖啡馆呢,有的逛街,做指甲,在咖啡馆聊天喝茶,最后又可以拍美照打卡,这么好的康头就只有在泰国 T___T

The cafe does have limited seat as well. But overall it was still spacious and comes in cute pink decoration as well. 


Just can't stop take photos when we are here. Can you imagine that it will close for another 10 minutes and we are still here taking photos non stop! haha Still we take a lot of nice and sweet shot here in the pool. Super obsessed with the cute decoration of the pool!


Although the cafe is about to close but the shopping area is still super pack! All of their items were really affordable too price from 150 - 200 THB onwards.


Cintage Official Shop

Cafe close 8:30pm
Shop close 8:30pm

The last pink stop of the day! This is a three floors shops and the last floor is for beauty salon services as well. If you could come early and drop by you can enjoy some time checking out their salon. Some of the salons you can also walk in and take some photos too!

来到最后一家了,就只是离Cintage Shop隔几间店罢了! 大概有三楼吧,一二楼是购物区,最高楼竟然是发型美甲全包的SALON! 当然我们来晚了,也不好意思进去Salon里拍照啦。而且也只是拍照而已还真不好意思呢,哈哈哈!

I can't stop myself by staring all these pretty outfits that they put up in the stores. You just couldn't stop shopping and wanted to buy this and buy that because literally, all their pieces are so pretty and cute! The price range also from 150-200 THB onwards.


On the second floors there some sweet and cute corner in their fitting room corner where you can also take some photos too! Please ignore me as I been really tired after the whole day in the flight and strolling through Siam, Bangkok!


More LED Lights!! Too bad we didn't visit the salon when we were there, check out their Instagram to see more nice pink photos!! I guess as a girl you just can't resist everything in PINK. Even I am not a PINK Sweet girl but being in a shop that is so PINK your heart just melted and you can't stop yourself liking pink!

更多LED灯哦~没得进去就在楼梯拍照好了,想看SALON里面的摆设可以点击这里。里面也太漂亮了吧~ 我想说连我自己也不是一个爱好粉红的少女看到这些粉红店面忍不住都会起爱心眼呢!哈哈

How can you stop buying anything from all these shops!!  I got one pants and rainbow tee from Choosedress.


Choosedress Official Shop

Close 8:30pm

OMG that's all for all my pink shop list that you MUST visit in Siam, Bangkok! I couldn't decide to recommend you guys to go by daytime or evening time. There's cons and pros too because you might encounter more crowds and less photo opportunity. Being last minute is not a good example too! So make sure plan your time ahead, you can definitely spend WHOLE DAY here at Siam Area where it is a SHOPPING HEAVEN for all girls out there.



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Till Then.

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