Been so restless the past few weeks that I am no longer super active in my blog! So here's to another outfit that I really like. On this day I attend one event that introduces some Japanese brand beauty products, therefore you can see my outfit is pretty cute and Japanese that day!

Wearing my new yellow hairband and earrings as my accessories of the day.

If you look close or details enough for the entire outfit, I am wearing the entire outfit in lace! I bought this lace outer tee from Bangkok. I never own this kind of lace tee so when I first saw this selling in Bangkok and with only less than RM20 immediately I bring this tee back home. Since the inner is a normal tee material, so the top is super comfy to wear! 

The bottom lace layer skirt has been in my wardrobe for the longest time! My last time wearing is during my Japan trip, unlike my others old clothes that will always get abandoned by me. This skirt actually is one of my longest outfit that I find it so pretty each time I wear it out again. Since the top comes in lace, I decide to wear top to bottom with lace outfit!

The only item that is colorful in this outfit is my rainbow bag from Riya brand. One of the famous bag brand from Thailand. At first, this bag definitely not in my must buy item list from Bangkok. 

But just when I step in the store, I love love their latest summer collection where they have the entire rainbow bag collection on the shelf. Not only that their entire summer collection design is way too pretty to resist! I just couldn't get my eyes on their rainbow bags collection. I decide to go with this design which I find this sling design looks more youthful and versatile for me to use.

I definitely can't wait to style more looks with this bag! It looks so cute OMG hahahaha I am so glad that I decided to bring it home with me. I remember like do I really need to buy so many bags from Bangkok. 

But in the end, I was like I will really regret if I didn't buy this. So yeah I got this all the way from Bangkok. But you can also shop Riya bags in KLCC too, which I pass by the other day. Maybe the price will be slightly higher than in Bangkok.

End this post with my makeup look on that day! I did a yellow/gold halo eye look with loose powder from Colourpop. Didn't expect the halo eye look will be so pretty with this kind of yellow/gold color. It was a new try for me and glad that I manage to pull in through. 

Did you also notice the blush I have on my cheek that almost near to my eyes? Trying to do those Japanese blushes look too! Using 4U2 blushes and the pigment stay the whole day on my face. Loving it!

Outfit Details

Top | Bangkok
Shoes | Taobao
Bag | RIYA

Makeup on Face

Eye | Colourpop
Blusher | 4U2 Cosmetics
Lips | Revlon Ultra HD

Till Then.


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