One of my favorite weekend outfit post for the month of August. Sometimes I do get lazy to makeup and get ready for the weekend. Some of the outfits turn out to be more normal and sometimes I really do wear some really nice outfit when I head out.  

In today post I spend time doing my makeup and hair that day. I really love my hair that day too! It matches my entire swag outfit too.

Tee is always my favorite stapler outfit. Whenever I am working or even a casual date out with friends, I will always wear a Tee match with some comfortable bottoms. For today outfit, I am matching this Gun and Roses Tee with my mini skirt with pants inner linings. 

This top I get is in size S because I thought that the size is big for me. But turns out it was quite fit for me and not my usual oversize tee. Regardless of the fitting size, I still find it comfortable and fashionable to wear it. 

Accessories of the day I wore on that day is a choker string that can wear around the neck and one pair of red vintage sunglasses. I am wearing one of my favorite boots out too. Basically, all my accessories are in black or red that day. 

Some of my favorites shots using an Olympus camera portrait lens. You can obviously see that the lightning and the picture brightness is so big difference than my Sony Alpha camera. Olympus camera surely can perform better than my Sony Alpha in my OOTDs shots. 

Check out my video review about Olympus lens I used in my youtube.

Outfit details

Top | Chatuchak Market
Bottom | Taobao
Bag | Chatuchak Market
Sunglasses | Taobao

Till Then

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  1. Loving the lighting behind.. those bulbs sure make the picture look dreamy.
    the tee is awesome

  2. The outfit looks nice on you. hihihi there is a days that u will feel so lazy to get dress proper or makeup when you out for outing

  3. Boy, do I love to have Guns N' Roses t-shirt as well, as I am their huge fan! The skirt looks like rough quality. Is it? Hehe.

  4. you look beautiful and cheeky...very nice

  5. You pakai saiz S? Whoa!!!! I wear XL only. Gosh!!! Guns and Roses? remind me on my fav rock band. I love your skirt though.

  6. nice swag style you have and way to go... nice of you to share where you have bought all this and i can recommend my friend to check out taobao.

  7. OMG you nailed this OOTD pics! That shirt looks great on you :D What's your favorite songs of them?