Have you heard of Ani-Aging Lip Treatment that without needed any surgery but you can guarantee significant results? Please read on to check out my testimonials and a close look at how my dry chapped lips look nice after applying their Anti-Aging Lip Treatment from Soaddicted Malaysia!

Last few weeks I've attended Lip Party with Soaddicted Malaysia and The Butterfly Project. It feels great to able be a part of this party. The party itself is at The Happ Cafe which is one of the cafes I been wanted to visit. 

And OMG see how pretty the desserts table set up at Happ Cafe for our Lip Party with SoAddicted Malaysia! Every one of us just can't stop staring at those pretty dainty desserts on the desserts table. I did not try all of the desserts here because everyone is so crazy about it and it just was gone within a blink of eyes.

But I still manage to grab some strawberries icing and tried! All the desserts are so yummy and catch our eyes when we saw it!  Surprisingly the icing on the desserts does not taste too sweet or overpowering the desserts too. I love it so much, it just my kind of desserts table decor and desserts!

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(The Party Planner and Dessert Table Party)

During our Lip Party session with Soaddicted Malaysia, we are all gifted with three of their Anti-Aging Lip Treatment which cost 600MYR in total! We have a Table Mirror to do some live swatching on our lips and makeup remover too. Super thoughtful and nice of them for all the butterflies!

We are also in luck to able to swatch and try out all the color swatches on that day too! They have 12 colors variant from transparent, to pink, and coral shades of color. All the colors look very pigmented in the packaging itself.

Live swatches color on Zoelie's hands! Even though the colors look really bright and opac but upon live swatching them, the color actually really light and has a wet glossy texture upon swatching. You can also feel the menthol cooling sensation too on your hand too! Not forget it has the minty menthol scent on it too, haha.

Color swatches from top to bottom

#213 Jewel (Night Treatment)
#208 Razzle Dazzle
#211 Air Kiss
#212 Pink Sugar
#210 Glamour
#201 Sweet Nothings (My Favorites)
#207 Innocence
#203 Mon Cherie
#202 Coralista
#208 Pink Princess
#209 Candy Swirl
#205 Sexy Seduction

We are greeted by Leonard and Sydney as the emcee of the day! They give us a brief introduction to this event about and the agenda of the day.

ISKIN New York

Established in 1999, Fraser Research Labs INC has been committed to developing and delivering advanced, targeted skin solutions. Designed by leading dermatologists and cosmetic scientists and manufactured in the United States, Fraser Research Labs INC is committed to bringing safe and effective solutions to the market.

ISKIN New York is the skin solution that has been transforming faces and lives since its introduction to the market in 2002. ISKIN New York increases the skin's tolerance to environmental factors and diminishes the visible signs of aging. And their scientifically tested formulations deliver proven results with customized solutions available for every skin type, leaving you looking younger, brighter and healthier!


Lipaddict isn't just a 'lip gloss' - It is an ANTI-AGING lip treatment that reduces the appearance of fine lines, hydrates, plumps and improves the definition of the lip contour. This revolutionary anti-aging lip treatment provides 4 key benefits, from anti-aging, instant plum sexier looking lips, instant healing from dry cracked lips and also instant moisture for your dry chapped lips. It comes in 12 beautiful shades that suitable for any skin tone. Most importantly, you can easily create fuller and sexy lips without any cost and pain of lip injection in 4 weeks time!

The person in charge also gives a brief introduction to this Lipaddict that has been their customer favorites since they started. In 100 women has to try and tested Lipaddict, all of them has reported that lipaddict has improved their lip condition, 96% of them has improved and healthier lips. Even with dryness allergy around mouth area customer, after using lipaddict in less than 1 month see improvement of their dry sensitive lips. The redness and sensitive around the lips disappear!

There are 4 Key Benefits of using Lipaddict!

Don't you know that lips will also have fine-wrinkles from time to time? Yes, it will! To stop it, this lipaddict contains powerful anti-aging peptides and Marine Collagen work to visibly reduce the appearance of lines on the lips and the surrounding lip area.

Instant Plump
Who doesn't like sexy plumper lips? But how to achieve it? Lip injection? You don't need to when you use lipaddict. Their proprietary plumping formula is suspended in Hyaluronic Acid, which naturally binds water to give our lips instant, natural volume.

Instant Healing
Suffer from dry and hot weather that keeps causing your lips to crack? Lipaddict is packed with Vitamin C & E, that is a superior vitamin for skin-repairing ingredients that help to soothe and heal dry cracked lips, keeping them healthy and soft in any weather!

Instant moisture
Lipaddict comes with natural, organic moisturizing oils that lock in moisture, providing all-day hydration for dry and chapped lips.

Next up, we have a short Day and Night Make up Demo by MUA Yuin Hann Liew. She does a simple makeup demo by using lipaddict to create a simple Day to Night look. I love how she explained about mixing both colors to create a different lips color look or even top up lip addict with any favorite lips color that you like too. Just be creative with how you want to apply lipaddict into your daily makeup look!

Later on, we are asked to do our own mix color of lipaddict and apply on our lips too! The color I picked was #201 Sweet Nothings and #211 Air Kiss. Sweet Nothings basically is our favorite with a hint of nude color.

Applying carefully on my lips with dabbing motion. As I did not remove my previous lips color on my lips, I just added one layer of the lipaddict to create the glossy and plumper lips effect.

The color look on ma lips! Selfie with the cute Ridley with her new haircut that she finally shows off haha.

After the demo and event, time to have some food and desserts! I guess everyone is hungry and the food gone pretty quickly and so do the desserts on the dessert table too. I am loving the salmon serving on toasted bread where it tasted so yummy and I even took the second plate with the same dish too! haha

I will end my sweet Lip Party with SoAddicted Malaysia with the group photo that I love! From left to right, we have Ridley, Nicole, Zoelie, and Yours Truly. Thanks again to SoAddicted Malaysia and The Butterfly Project inviting us to this fun and knowledgeable lips party that everyone should know.


Next up I will show you guys some of the testimonial lips images! I do realize that I have quite a lot of lips hair on my top lips but that's because my husband loves it and it doesn't really bother me much. 


I do have pretty dry chapped lips and I have a bad habit of biting my lips whenever I feel anxious or whenever I like. In the end, my lips situation is pretty bad where I will regret biting it.

After applying #213 Jewel (Night Treatment) on my dry chapped lips. I love how the cooling menthol feeling on my lips after applying. It doesn't stay cooling too long but around 5-10 minutes and it will become like normal gloss texture on your lips.

Apply only #211 Air Kiss on my lips, I love this lips color on my lips because it has shimmers in it. The shimmers are so soft looking and make my lips look like it was glowing healthily.

Matte liquids lover but also always suffered dry and chapped lips after using it? I top it up with #211 Air Kiss to give slightly glossy finish and add some moisture to my lips. I love how my lips look glowing with a hint of pink shimmer.

The last color I got to try is #206 Pink Princess on my lips. It was a brighter pink gloss color on my lips. I am not a pink person as I always mentioned but this pink certainly caught my heart because the color is super sweet and not as crazy pink pigmented that I don't really like. It gives the sweetest and pink lips look that I really like.

After using Lipaddict for a week, I can definitely feel my lips now are much softer and it heals my chapped area which I always bite on. I am pretty happy with results just for a week and definitely can't wait to continue using it for the continuous days. (I do have some days forget to apply but I will apply it on the next day.)

*Even though products were sent for review purpose. However, it doesn't affect my own opinion on this product.


Applying #213 Jewel through outdoor lightning from room window. Can you see how easy to apply on my lips without being afraid the color will go off my lips line!! haha

This #213 Jewel is suitable for everyone even though you are a guy who suffers from major dry lips! Just apply this night treatment at night before you sleep and you can get this healthy soft looking lips the next day. This is a transparent glossy color on your lips. All of their lips do come in sweet and menthol scent when you apply. It doesn't bother me much as I do love menthol sweets since I am small!

Can you believe that their products come with a total of 5 Organic Moisturizing Oils, such as Jojoba Seed Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Castor Oil, Grape Seed Oil and Avocado Oil that heals inflamed skin, moisture skin and fights sign of aging as well. Not forget there are also Aloe Vera, Algae and Stevia plant extracts to aid in healing and soothing properties. That heals and soothes your dry and chapped lips.

Live swatching #206 Pink Princess on my lips! The color is shouting sweet pretty pink color to me. Never will I know I am so obsessed with this color looks on my lips.

Do I have those moisture and plumper lips after applying lipaddict on my lips? Because Lipaddict contains hyaluronic acid that binds up to 100x its molecular weight in water to provide moisture and hydration. Not only that it contains Marine Collagen to help moisturize and plump skin cells while filling in wrinkles to reduce the appearance of lip creases and fine lines too! Lip texture feel much smoother too with lipaddict specialized Amino Acids that stimulates the growth of collagen.

Lastly my favorite #211 Air Kiss color that comes with a hint of pink shimmer shades on lips.

Lastly, let's not forget about this two vitamins, Vitamin C and Vitamin E that works powerfully for our skin and lips. Vitamin C that packs of full antioxidants that prevent damaging effects of the environment. Vitamin E as well as works to prevent free radicals from our body. This plays a large part in the anti-aging process too!

Overall I am in love with the results even within 7 days! I can't stop over obsess with my glossy lips each time I apply lipaddict on my lips. Glossy Lips are also in trend right now! So what are you waiting for? Get those Sexy, Plumper and Healthy Lips with Lipaddict now.

Effectiveness ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ
Long Lasting ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ

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