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It's been a while since I'm writing a beauty product here in my blog. This post I will share and introduce these two new colors of  Lip Addict Anti-Aging Treatment from ISKIN New York. Both of the colors are very pigmented on the lips! If you are someone who likes to apply gloss and prefers that it is pigmented enough when you apply on the lips, you definitely need to check out these 2 new colors of this Lip Addict Anti-Aging Treatment.

Have you heard of Ani-Aging Lip Treatment that without needed any surgery but you can guarantee significant results? Please read on to check out my testimonials and a close look at how my dry chapped lips look nice after applying their Anti-Aging Lip Treatment from Soaddicted Malaysia!

Last few weeks I've attended Lip Party with Soaddicted Malaysia and The Butterfly Project. It feels great to able be a part of this party. The party itself is at The Happ Cafe which is one of the cafes I been wanted to visit.