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Trying this new lip liquid rouge from Plump Pink Melty Lip. This is my first time trying this liquid lip and I love how it glides so smoothly on my lips, making them feel so moist and dry after applying it. You can also purchase this from Aeon Wellness to try out because it will definitely make you fall in love with it if you are a glossy lip lover.

It's been a while since I'm writing a beauty product here in my blog. This post I will share and introduce these two new colors of  Lip Addict Anti-Aging Treatment from ISKIN New York. Both of the colors are very pigmented on the lips! If you are someone who likes to apply gloss and prefers that it is pigmented enough when you apply on the lips, you definitely need to check out these 2 new colors of this Lip Addict Anti-Aging Treatment.

Previously, I had already posted a post about Premium Moist Lip Balm from Mentholatum. This time around I will be sharing another type of lip balm and especially good for those who suffer pale lip color or even uneven tone lip color! 

Who wouldn't like if 1 lip balm can achieve color enhance and moisturizing lips in the same time? I am happy to try out this lip balm. Although I do not suffer any pale lips or uneven lip color, the moisturizing texture when I apply this Water Lip Tone up CC Lip Balm on my lips. I can feel my lips are really so moisturized and able to give you the chok chok lips after apply too!

Ohai time to start my lip balm journey with Mentholatum. I can't say that I am a lip balm person, but there's a bad habit that I always can't seem to get rid of. That is I will bite my lips whenever I am nervous or either stress. My husband has been nagging me whenever he saw my lips are crack and all cover with biting scars. Lip balm always comes to my rescue whenever I am in need to moisture and heal all the crack and scars on my lips. 

Our lips are just like our skin, we need more moisture and hydration to retain back the smooth and healthy lips back. Since our lips area are quite thin, if we are de-hydrate or not enough of water intake for your body. The lips will be the first to reflect out!