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Dry and cracked lips are never attractive, not to mention uncomfortable and sometimes even painful as well. You should make a point to take care of your lips by keeping them well-moisturized so that they stay soft and supple all day long. And just because you are hiding your face behind a mask each time you go out in public these days is not an excuse to neglect your lips. This time MENTHOLATUM release this new color correcting lip balm that will definitely help a lot of people who in need!

Previously, I had already posted a post about Premium Moist Lip Balm from Mentholatum. This time around I will be sharing another type of lip balm and especially good for those who suffer pale lip color or even uneven tone lip color! 

Who wouldn't like if 1 lip balm can achieve color enhance and moisturizing lips in the same time? I am happy to try out this lip balm. Although I do not suffer any pale lips or uneven lip color, the moisturizing texture when I apply this Water Lip Tone up CC Lip Balm on my lips. I can feel my lips are really so moisturized and able to give you the chok chok lips after apply too!