Previously, I had already posted a post about Premium Moist Lip Balm from Mentholatum. This time around I will be sharing another type of lip balm and especially good for those who suffer pale lip color or even uneven tone lip color! 

Who wouldn't like if 1 lip balm can achieve color enhance and moisturizing lips in the same time? I am happy to try out this lip balm. Although I do not suffer any pale lips or uneven lip color, the moisturizing texture when I apply this Water Lip Tone up CC Lip Balm on my lips. I can feel my lips are really so moisturized and able to give you the chok chok lips after apply too!

There are 2 variants of color in this series, that is in Pure Red and another one is Rose Pink.

What is CC stands for? 

CC or color correcting concept are multi-purpose products that correct color using light-diffusing particles to give the skin a healthy look. 

It was a really nice invention of a lip balm, that it was not only can enjoy the benefits of the color correct on our lips. It also helps revives dull lips, enhances and restore your lip colors too! 

The Vivid Color Pure Red on my lips. Since originally my lips are in naturally pinkish color, the color of the lip balm is not too visible thereby it just only enhances my lips color too. Not only it moisturizes the lips, it is fragrance-free and contains SPF 20 PA++ to protect lips against UVA and UVB rays. 

The Water Lip Tone Up CC Lip Balm contains powerful nourishing ingredients such as Vitamin C derivative, Vitamin E and Vitamin E derivative to keep lips feeling soft and hydrated. It also contains Olive Oil and Jojoba Oil that nourish the lips.

If you notice there are some blink blink and chok chok texture on my lips. It was because this lip balm is also further enhanced with 3D PEARL to vividly enhance your natural lip color, thereby improving one’s overall appearance. 

Color Swatches on my hand. I love that the lip balm gives long lasting moisture all day long and also able to enhance and correct our lips color too.When you apply it on your lips, you will able to see there's the shiny and moisture texture on your lips. By Far, you will see your lips are glossy and moisture at the same time.

The Good
Chok Chok Texture
Glossy Texture
SPF 20 PA++
Color Correcting (Uneven)
Enhanced Lips Color (Pale)

The Bad
Color not visible

Where to buy?

The Water Lip Tone Up CC is priced at RM16.90 and will be available at all leading pharmacies and major supermarket outlets. 

About The Mentholatum Company

The Mentholatum Company, Inc. Founded in 1889 is a manufacturer and marketer of non-prescription drugs and healthcare products. Headquarters are in Orchard Park, New York, U.S.A with operations in Australia, South Africa, Canada, Scotland, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Mexico, South Korea, P.R China, India, and Japan.

Manufacturing is carried out in 26 locations around the globe and marketing/distribution in over 150 countries. The company, privately held for 99 years, was acquired by Rohto Pharmaceutical Company Ltd. of Osaka, Japan in 1988. Rohto is a major player in the Japanese pharmaceutical market with top selling products in the eye care, topical and stomach relief categories.
Since 1889, The Mentholatum Company has grown and prospered from a small purveyor of soaps and toiletries into an international company, marketing quality proprietary medicines around the world. In the United States, and in many countries around the world, the Mentholatum family of products has earned a reputation for quality and value. Every Mentholatum brand is sold with an unconditional guarantee of satisfaction.

Brands under Mentholatum: Lipice, Oxy, Hada Labo, Selsun, Sunplay, Rohto C Cube, Deep Heating Rub.

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  1. Oh this looks like a perfect profuct for everyday

  2. Hurm. I think since the color is not visible, it will be safe for guys to wear them, to correct the lips' texture. Can? Hehe

  3. will try it. i always have chapped lips and uneven colour.

  4. Great review. I am a more bold color girl myself, so I don't think I will be trying this but a very detailed review on this product! Thank you for sharing.

  5. If I hadn't bought a new lip balm, I would jump on this. Will have to wait till my current one's almost finished before I buy this. I don't like to waste.

  6. I'm looking for a good lip balm right now. I dont know which one suit with my lips. Maybe I can try this product? ;)

  7. Seems Mentholatum is becoming agressive in releasing new lipcare line. That's awesome. I love their products :)

    1. Yes right!! Their lipcare line are really good =)

  8. First time hearing about CC lip balm! Although it seems more like a tinted lip balm to me. Probably have to test it our for a long time for the CC effect to kick in. Does the colour last all day?

  9. The rose pink is nice and i love the shade. Can purchase one and bring with me whenever i go.

  10. Looks nice.. I want to try these out too

  11. i cant stand it anymore... I want to buy this. - racheal

  12. The colour seem not too obvious and it's great as I don't like lip balm with vivid colour.

  13. I love how well the created the product. Its suitable for all range of age and the price even a school girls can afford it.