Trying this new lip liquid rouge from Plump Pink Melty Lip. This is my first time trying this liquid lip and I love how it glides so smoothly on my lips, making them feel so moist and dry after applying it. You can also purchase this from Aeon Wellness to try out because it will definitely make you fall in love with it if you are a glossy lip lover.
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Plump Pink Melty Lip has a total of 8 lips color. From normal red lips color, hot pink lips color and some pretty pink nude lips color too. I feel all the colors are so pretty and glossy on the lips. I like that they have all the lip color ranges that are suitable for everyone. Plump Pink Melty Lip also ranks as America's No.1 lip gloss and Rakuten's No.1 ranking too. The ranking really shows how everyone loves Plump Pink Melty Lip.

For today's post, I have a total of 5 colors of Plump Pink Melty Lip to try out. All the colors range from hot bring pink to light nude pink color. I have also managed to pick up some of my favorite colors from the colors I try.

Plump Pink Melty Lip it plumps lips, diminishes wrinkles, hydrates like a lip pack, and improves the lip's natural color. They are infused with raw collagen, hyaluronic acid, honey, shea butter, avocado oil, apricot, rosehip extract, and patented ingredient, Maxi-Lip. This Maxi-Lip ingredient is a natural peptide to stimulate collagen.  

Color #201 Berry Berry Rose

This is a really bright berry color. I never really try out this kind of color. When I first saw the color swatch I was really unsure about whether I will like this color or not. I like the color also comes in a bit of a purple undertone which makes the color suitable for daily wear.

Color #203 Sexy Red

This color is quite similar to color 201. But this has a more red tone compared to color 201, 201 has a more berry undertone whereas this has a more red undertone. If you don't like red color lips, you can definitely opt for this color choice.

Color #204 Trice Red

This color is a really bright red color. I don't also usually wear any bright red color lips but I like gloss type of red color lips. I like to layer with other light colors or either create nice gradient lip color with red color lip gloss.

Color #206 Voyage Pink

This color is a really nice sweet pink color for any pink lover. The color is not a barbie hot pink but is a very gentle and sweet color of pink color. The color is also close to our natural lips color with a hint of pink color.

Color #207 Innocent Beige

As a Chinese with a yellowish skin tone, this is my favorite color among all the 5 colors I've tried. I like this nude color which is not too pale on me but it just moisture and give a very soft girl look when I apply this on my lips.

Plump Pink Melty Lip contains moisturizing beauty care ingredients with high moisturizing effects ingredients such as maxi lip & raw collagen formulation, it is a lip gloss with high effectiveness of beauty essentials that can also treat lips while making makeup.

All the colors swatches of Plump Pink Melty Lip on my hand, the color from berry tone (201 and 203), red (204), pink (206) to nude beige (207) colors. Not only the color looks nice during color swatches, but I also love how it looks on my lips when I apply the color on my lips.

Color #204 Trice Red

If you feel that color red is too bright and stand out, you definitely need to try out this Plump Pink Melty Lip 204 Trice Red. You can create beautiful red gradient color lips effortlessly.  After applying it to the lips, I can feel that is it cooling and plumping my lips. The color melts and blends with the temperature of the lips with a balmy texture that is familiar to the lips. 

Color #207 Innocent Beige

When I apply Plump Pink Melty Lip 207 Innocent Beige, I really really love the color on my lips. It doesn't make me look pale, but I like hows the nude colors make me look gentle and soft looking. It is a pure gloss lip that completes the non-sticky natural gloss lips. The color applies and stays so effortless on my lips. It also doesn't dry up my lips but just moisture and plumps my lips.

Color #204 and #207

You can also layer two colors of lips to create different lips look. Since I have been using colors 204 and 207, both colors able to create this really pretty gradient lip look. I like Plump Pink Melty Lip It is not sticky but comes with natural gloss and coloring, a natural shine that lasts for a long time, creating the perfect plumped lips that I want.

Lastly, I really enjoy using Plump Pink Melty Lip to achieve plump and moist lips effortlessly. I always suffered from dry cracked lips and when I first try out Plump Pink Melty Lip it really surprises me how it is so easy to apply my lips don't feel dry after using the Plump Pink Melty Lip too.

If you are interested to try out their lip product, do check out at your nearest AEON Wellness store now.

Till Then.

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