It's been a while since I'm writing a beauty product here in my blog. This post I will share and introduce these two new colors of  Lip Addict Anti-Aging Treatment from ISKIN New York. Both of the colors are very pigmented on the lips! If you are someone who likes to apply gloss and prefers that it is pigmented enough when you apply on the lips, you definitely need to check out these 2 new colors of this Lip Addict Anti-Aging Treatment.

ISKIN New York

Established in 1999, Fraser Research Labs INC has been committed to developing and delivering advanced, targeted skin solutions. Designed by leading dermatologists and cosmetic scientists and manufactured in the United States, Fraser Research Labs INC is committed to bringing safe and effective solutions to the market.

ISKIN New York is the skin solution that has been transforming faces and lives since its introduction to the market in 2002. ISKIN New York increases the skin's tolerance to environmental factors and diminishes the visible signs of aging. And their scientifically tested formulations deliver proven results with customized solutions available for every skin type, leaving you looking younger, brighter, and healthier!


Lipaddict isn't just a 'lip gloss' - It is an ANTI-AGING lip treatment that reduces the appearance of fine lines, hydrates, plumps and improves the definition of the lip contour. This revolutionary anti-aging lip treatment provides 4 key benefits, from anti-aginginstant plum sexier looking lips, instant healing from dry cracked lips, and also instant moisture for your dry chapped lips. It comes in 12 beautiful shades that suitable for any skin tone. Most importantly, you can easily create fuller and sexy lips without any cost and pain of lip injection in 4 weeks!

Suitable for

Those who want to have Immediate Smooth of your wrinkly Lips.
Those who want to have Sexy and Fuller lips.


πŸ’“Patented Collagen Boosters fight fine lines and wrinkles
πŸ’“ Ideal for restoring firmness and contour with continued use
πŸ’“ Up to 80% increase in plumping immediately after application
πŸ’“ Smoothens moisturizes and instantly leaves lips irresistibly plump
πŸ’“ Long-lasting hydration for dry and chapped lips
πŸ’“ Easy to apply with lightweight and non-greasy texture
πŸ’“ Safe for use by pregnant women


This Lip Addict Anti-Aging Treatment is designed in glass bottle packaging which you can definitely feel the weigh and quality of the product itself. Super classy and pretty! One of the cons I would say is if you drop it on the floor the packaging of the outer glass will break or crack a little. It has a small round mirror on top of the cover for you to check out the look of your lip after you apply Lip Addict Anti-Aging Treatment.

New Colors

Currently, they released these 2 new colors of Lip Addict Anti-Aging Treatment. Both of the colors are very gorgeous and make your skin looks very fair after you put on your lips too!

Top: Color 217 The Heartbreaker
Bottom: Color 216 Aperol Sunset (Limited Edition)

One Thin Layer

Full Layer

Color 217 The Heartbreaker

This color comes in a very pretty and soft rosy pink tone. It gives you the vibes of younger and cuter looking lips color.  Even if you just apply a thin layer on your lips, it still maintains your natural healthy lip color but is given an extra hint of gloss. 

It is definitely a nice lip color that suitable for an everyday makeup look or a casual sweet date look.

One Thin Layer

Full Layer

Color 216 Aperol Sunset (Limited Edition)

This color comes in a very gorgeous red-orange color. It is not those bright red color that makes you look older but this red tone has a hint of orange which gives this red color looks more lively and pretty.  Even when you just apply one thin layer, the color is quite bright and pigmented on the lips. After you apply full on your lips, the colors show up even more and give a more feminine hint to the lip.

I like this red lip color on me which still gives me cute and young vibes in this red color. This color also makes my skin looks much fairer too.

How to use

Apply as needed on lips like a gloss, repair, and volumizing treatment. Can be used once a week after an exfoliating lip peel before bed.

Product from the USA.

Lastly, I have been a fan of  Lip Addict Anti-Aging Treatment when I first learn about them since two years ago. With these 2 new colors addition add to their line, I like how their Lip Addict Anti-Aging Treatment can be more wearable and suitable to wear out. Time to show off those super juicy and glossy lips with Lip Addict Anti-Aging Treatment.

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Disclaimer: Even though the product is sent for review purposes. However, it does not affect my own opinion.


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