Can't believe time passes so quickly that Christmas is here so soon. Christmas is always my favorite festive season of the year. It marks the last festive season of the year and this year I together with all fellow butterflies to celebrate our last party together in 2018.

The Butterfly Project Christmas Party 2018 
Venue: Chubbeecloud, Damansara Uptown
Date: 8th December 2018

Ticket to the last party of the year. To complete the task for today. We will have to pick one beverage and one tea drink for our self. Next, we have to take photos at the three pretty corners inside the cafe and post on our Instagram. Lastly, we just need to register and get our self a surprise gift!

Check out their most magical drink from Chubbeecloud. This Magical Mericon Milkshake comes with generous of imported Australian Ice Cream.

Look how magical this drink is! It has marshmallows, rainbow mermaid tail, crunch, and ice cream too.

Thanks to Chubbeecloud for serving us great food and drinks. Look at all the food and drinks they serve!

Not forget that every one of us also is served with 2 Chubbee Toast. One is their famous Boba Toast with Brown Sugar and another theirs Kimchi Savory taste too. Both of the serving is so full filling, I have tried their boba toast when I first came here.

ChubbeeCloud Damansara Uptown

Busy decorate my photo at Tagbooth. All the Christmas stickers to add to our photos is too cute. Can't decide which to add, haha!

I'm loving Tagbooth now that you can now print the photo as sticker now. It is much more convenient that you can stick it on the notebook or your planner. The quality of the print out sticker is so nice too. We took so many nice photos together at Tag Booth lah with other butterflies too.


Check out all their services here.

Take a few OOTDs shot at one their Insta Worthy corner a ChubbeeCloud Today dress code is all about pink, I got this sweet pink tulle skirt and I match it with off shoulder top. One of our tasks is to take a photo here too.

Each of us got 5 tokens chance to grab the gifts from the claw machine!! I always do not have any luck winning in this Claw Machine. I lost my first 5 chance to actually grab anything from. But we got a second chance for those we didn't get anything from the claw machine. So here's my happy face when I finally grab one lucky ball from the machine!

Next stop, is time to check out this beautiful dessert corner by Ask Joey. Ask Joey always decorate the cutest party table!!

Spotted some Christmas cookies in the house yo!! The icing is all in pastel dreamy tones.

All of the desserts are too cute to consume!! I like how everything is so pastel and cute here. The desserts are not too sweet. This ice cream dessert comes in crispy chocolate icing and soft cake texture inside.

I love the Butterfly Project Cake tower too. I love how Ask Joey design such pretty and cute desserts for all kind of parties. Do check out their Social Media Page for more pretty party pastry decor!!

Ask Joey

Here's our surprise gift once we have completed uploaded three photos in our Instagram. Definitely super surprise to see how thoughtful The Butterfly Project team area, they choose the most my most pastel look when I visit Unicorn Cafe at Bangkok. I love it so much and definitely bring so many memories for me. This gift is too cute to eat though!! Get your own personalized gift now from Chubbeecloud too.

Guess who won the best dress!! I love how she spends time doing this cute reindeer makeup look. Even what shess wearing compliment her entire look too. Definitely, deserve to win. Oh wait!! Check out the sexy elf and Tammy Mamasan elf too.

Althea Exclusive Concealer release!. I am super excited with more makeup releases from Althea. Althea has been focusing on Skin Care releases but now finally we have some makeup item to play with now!! Don't forget to shop Flawless Creamy Concealer now at Althea ------>> For a new customer, get 20% for our purchase when you click here.

Glad to be the part of #AltheaAngels! I had try and reviewed a lot of Althea Exclusive products too. I will link everything below

Once again I would want to say thanks to The Butterfly Project for organizing another wonderful and fun filling Christmas Party with all the fellow Butterflies. I feel super grateful each time because I have been growing together with this community. It's happy to celebrate another year of Christmas together with all the Butterflies and most importantly with The Butterfly Project team and Mamasan, Tammy! 

The Butterfly Project

Merry Christmas to all!! 

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