Have not been active in my blog for the longest time ever! However, I have been super active on my other social media too, feel free to check out my other social media too - Snowman Sharing for Facebook and Instagram. By the end of the post, I will share my Korea Haul Video too. I guess I did not plan to take photos as I don't think I bought a lot in this Korea trip. However in my video, I definitely talk a lot more than talking about my haul, haha!

This post is pretty random as I think the main haul item is all in the video haha. I will just post some random photos I took in my hotel on my first-day shopping haul for myself and my friends. haha! I get all the things above in just less than one hour. Super pack shopping time as I am following the tour, and during the tour, they usually do not encourage us to shop outside. But I guess we are lucky enough to have most of us are young and we definitely love shopping. The tour guide gives us more time to shop around Myeong Dong street. 

But the haul above is all from Hong Dae street, which we have lesser time to shop. For our next day Myeong Dong Street, we requested for longer shopping time from our tour guide.

50% off all LINE series from Missha shop. We all got crazy about the sales, and bought a lot too! My friend adds on her haul the next day too haha.

Piglet blusher from Etude House. Super cute packaging which is super duper hard to resist!

Some of the I'm meme products I got in Hong Dae, I manage to get more products I want from Myeong Dong street and Shila Duty-Free shop. Details all from the Youtube Video.

For food wise, I got this Honey Butter Almond and Friends, Some Pepero stick and Seaweed too! Didn't manage to splurge on snacks since we have a short amount of time to go shopping.  

An overview of my Korea Haul from Korea, not too much I guess. Oh wait I forget to include a watch I bought from LYOD, is also one of my must go shops to visit in Korea. They sold a lot of dainty and pretty watches and pieces of jewelry too. The watch I get cost around 100+ which is consider affordable, and I really love the design and how dainty the details are. 

Lastly, please watch my super long gas Korea Haul youtube video where I talk a lot about my shopping experience at Korea, what I bought the most and where to shop for cheaper Korea makeup or skin care products. I go through the haul I bought as well in the video.

Conclusion, I would definitely recommend you girls to go KOREA to just splurge all out for their SKIN CARE and MAKEUP items!! Super cheap and worth it, as a tourist you should go Shila Duty-Free Shop to shop if you aim to get a lot of products for one specify brand. 

Till Then.

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