Last two weeks, I had the honor to attend Neogence Malaysia invite to the official launch of Neogence new series - Deep Pore Cleansing Mask. During the launch of this series, Neogence invites Shu Sen, one of the top Malaysia Youtuber to the launching. She shares her experience using Neogence Deep Pore Cleansing Mask during the event.

Living in a tropical zone like in Asia country, the weather becomes hot and humid in summer, our skin easily gets an oily gloss and results in pore blockage. Due to this weather, the pores on our skin will become bigger because of keratinization, this will result in facial problems like heads or acne! According to statistics in this kind of hot weather, more and more people suffer from acne and pimples this and this has even more important than skin whitening concerns of Asian women. 

From the left, Deep Pore Cleansing Mask, Extremely off-heads serum and Skin Refining Cream.

Deep Pore Cleansing Mask 100 ml
Double refresh and perform in-depth cleansing, effectively removing head!
Pore cleansing formula, natural clay + charcoal powder
Strong adsorption of grease and deeply cleanse pores
Removes blackheads and dead skin cells
Clean pore and bright skin

Extremely off-heads serum
A mild cleansing formula that utterly unclogs pores and eliminates blackheads!
In depth blackhead dissolving, and unclogs pores 
Prevents pores from blocking 
A skin-friendly and low acidity formula

Skin Refining Cream
Inner activation and external shine
Hydrolyzed Royal Jelly Protein works with Collagen in helping skin cell renewal and repair
High concentration of Salicylic Acid delivers gentle skin peeling
Esterified Vitamin C brightens skin tone and improves acne scars and dark spots

Improves Oily Sheen Problem, Delivers Zero Pore Skin!

Neogence (the renowned lab-dermatological brand) is composed of an R&D team of a dermatologist, bio-medical doctor and professional pharmacist which have been deeply researching and analyzing the skin’s pore and head problems. Neogence has now launched a brand new "Pore Solution Series", with three steps of skincare: "CLEANSES, PURIFIES, AND SHINES". By controlling sebum excretion, solving the keratinization problem, and at the same time improving pore conditions which lead to heads and pores, the Pore Solution Series is dedicated to improve skin and remove oily sheen problem!

Shu Send has shared her experience using their products. Look at her glowing skin where her skin turns out to be healthy and youthful just like her smile. She also teaches how she takes care of her skin day and night using the Neogence 3 Steps Pore Solution Series.

Photo with Shu Sen! 

Group photo time.

Check out Neogence products now available at Watsons Malaysia. For those who are interested to get Shu Send youthful and healthy skin, be sure to check out series at Watsons Malaysia. 

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