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KUALA LUMPUR, 6 April 2023 – Hada Labo, a renowned skincare brand, has once again taken a step forward to improve the lives of B40 women through its annual “We Care For Society” CSR campaign which aims to educate and equip these women with valuable skills and knowledge thereby helping them achieve financial independence. The outreach to low-income B40 women was carried out in partnership with Women Of Will (WOW) and Watsons. 

Last two weeks, I had the honor to attend Neogence Malaysia invite to the official launch of Neogence new series - Deep Pore Cleansing Mask. During the launch of this series, Neogence invites Shu Sen, one of the top Malaysia Youtuber to the launching. She shares her experience using Neogence Deep Pore Cleansing Mask during the event.

Milder, for your skin,Richer, in benefits

That's how the quote for secret nature brand. Using only the mild ingredients from the clean and pristine conditions of JEJU land offers a tremendous amount of skincare benefits. The richness that comes from nature is endless and overflowing. We should always depend on the healthy natural environment for our health and happiness.

I love how conscious a brand that only looks for natural ingredients for their skin care products. Read on to learn more about the brand and how their products gonna help you and me. 

Hada Labo in collaboration with Taiwanese skincare guru Liu Yen has once again hosted its beauty talk show in Malaysia; this time featuring local celebrities namely Jojo Goh, Emily Chan, Carol Ong and Jeffrey Cheng. 

Held live for the first time in Malaysia, this unique beauty talk show was entertaining yet educational with an interactive discussion on stage. Liu Yen who led the discussion unlocked the secret to the celebrities’ glowing youthful skin which is hydration. That was the one thing the celebrities had in common in their skincare routine and daily maintenance. It is evident that beauty begins skin deep and the first step to achieving flawless, glowing and youthful-looking skin is by keeping the skin hydrated. 

Hada Labo 'Skin Beauty Confidence'
Date: 29th October 2016
Venue: Watsons Malaysia, Sunway Pyramid

Hada Labo's  'My Skin Beauty Confidence Campaign' which is now entering the second phase since its launch, culminate with its featured celebrities namely Jojo Goh, Chris Tong and Daphne Low reaching out to the public in sharing about the importance of having good skin and how that can increase one's self-confidence.

 The campaign kick-started with a viral video in August 2016 which aims to share the secret to feeling confident about oneself that is by maintaining beautiful skin.