I'm excited to share my hair makeover journey with 90's hairstyle. It is my first-time visit 90's Hairstyle which located at Sri Petaling. I have heard a lot of good reviews before I even visit this salon.

It's important to always discuss with your stylist before you start your hair makeover. From Hair coloring and Hairstyling, make sure that your hair is well-taken care by your stylist. Thanks, Stephy, one of 90's Hairstyle senior stylist helping out for today hair makeover.

90's Hairstyle has a really nice ambiance of the salon. It is spacious and very nice Minimal decor. I feel really comfortable also when I am here at 90s hairstyles. Even their wash hair corner, I like how they do in a cover space where customer can feel more comfortable while they wash hair.

Here's my before hair look. Still, remain bleach at the end of my hair. Where I self bleach and hair color before my Vietnam trip.

It's been a while since I bleach my hair in the salon, in 90's Hairstyle they added Olaplex ingredients especially for hair bleaching or rebonding. Olaplex is to prevent hair breakage during bleaching or rebonding. Bleaching can be really hurtful to hair if your hair texture is thin. By adding Olaplex, it will create a protective stronghold when doing bleaching to your hair.

Not only that they added Olaplex No.2 during hair wash, it double protection for your hair, as it will leave your hair soft and smooth even after bleaching too. You can that my hair still looks healthy and soft even though the bleaching process.

When it comes to deciding on hair color, it actually took me quite some time to decide the color I want. Although not all hair color I had tried, so far I had tried Purple to Red, Blue to Turquoise, Blue to Grey as well. I decide to try on Orange color, which is a color that is really pop and bright color to try. Since I do not want to try it the whole head, Stephy helps me to do highlights for the top part so that it doesn't look boring. While I washing hair, the highlight will be more obvious and pop out too.

After coloring, we proceed with a hair treatment, which is Milbon Cronna Treatment that is one of their signature treatment in 90's Hairstyle.

 For the first round of the Cronna Step 1, they use the negative ions hair straightener to lock the treatment into my hair. For each part of the hair, they will do it 3 times. While they are using a negative ions hair straightener, it will create a sound while it straightening your hair, and it does not hurt my hair even though my hair is wet. But to provide a protective coating to help lock moisture and penetrate deep into the hair, leaving my hair healthy, glossy and moisturized.

Cronna Step 2 where they are more focus on my hair ends which are frizzy after hair bleach and hair coloring. 

Almost finish, where Stephy is styling my hair with some final touch.

Here's my super summery hair color that I really love it. At first, I really thought that the color is too bright for my liking but actually it is still a very tone down the color. I feel that is suitable for Asian skin tone too because it makes the skin looks much fairer too.

It looks really tone down when you see it from the front. However, when you see from the back, you can see that it is a very bright and fiery color.

Not forget to take a photo with Stephy, one of the senior stylist from 90's Hairstyle. Thanks for the beautiful hair makeover, feel free to look for her and book her for your hair!

Here's the list of Cronna's products that you can do some hair caring at your home too. Each of the product is infused with different organic products that leave your super manageable and light too!

From Left to Right

Cronna Day & Night Oil 120 ml
2-way leave-on treatment for day and night use. Infused with high viscosity rice bran oil.

Cronna Cleansing Spa Shampoo Sumi 320g
The weakly acidic formulation of the carbonated foam will refresh your scalp. Infused with charcoal. Prevents color fading.

Cronna Treatment for Colored Hair 50ml | 360 ml | 1l
Cronna Shampoo for Colored Hair 50ml | 360 ml | 1l
Supports colored hair to regain shine and improve texture, while suppressing color fading. Infused with aroma squalane rose.

Cronna Moisturizing Spa Shampoo Honey 200ml
The weakly acidic formulation of the thick and tender foam will moisturize dry scalp. Infused with honey. Prevents color fading.

 I really like how my hair still feels soft and manageable too. Even though I am wearing a yellow dress in this photo. I still feel my hair really compliment this look.

Thanks again 90's Hairstyle and Stephy for this hair makeover. I really like the color and everyone that sees me compliment my new hair color too. Do check out my video where how I enjoy all the hair services at 90's Hairstyle.

Update - My hair color after 1 and 2 weeks. The color still looks really vibrant and pretty!

For more info

90's Hairstyle
Address: No. 8, Jalan Radin Bagus 6, 
Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, 5
7000 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: +603- 9054 6881
(Call or PM for Booking)

Business Hour: 
Monday- Saturday 11am- 8.30pm 
Sunday 11am- 7.30pm

90's Hairstyles

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