Back to my favorite post, my BFF outfit post. But this time we book our special photography session with during our Hoi An trip. In this post, I will share all the pretty photos that the photographer take during the trip. We rent traditional Vietnam outfit - Ao Dai from The Lalin. Since Hoi An has a lot of old traditional building to visit, while we are wearing the Ao Dai, all the photos turn out to be really pretty!

We start with the first location when we are shooting all the photos we took around evening time until night. Can't believe through all our memories become such sweet and lovely memories.

Here's are our Ao Dai outfit, the top is actually pretty long to wear but we still decide to go with this design because they have these three different colors for us to wear.

I think we choose the right color for each of us! Each of the colors compliments each other.

Lovely candid shots!

While we decide to move to our second location where is one of the rooftop cafes at Hoi An, but due to the crowds we choose another cafe and took some really great shots! Thanks to photographer for such a lovely spot.

Really missing our fun candid moments!

Some of our favorite solo photos! The Ao Dai that we choose is quite transparent especially you choose a light color like Nicole (Middle) or Shin May (Left). Make sure if you plan to choose this kind of Ao Dai, you need to wear a singlet inside. Along the way, there are a lot of others wearing a quite similar Ao dai with us, but I think ours quite stand out because we have Photographer take really nice photos for us!

There is a lot of old street at Hoi An and when it is night time, a lot of beautiful street lamp has been lighted up. The nightlife at Hoi An Old Town is way too pretty and happening! It is a really fun and happy moment even though we were pretty exhausted. This time there are a lot of tourist walking around too, but we still manage to take some really nice photo. The photographer from is really professional.

We then decided to rent the boat to take some nice lantern photo on the boat. It is also one of the must-try when you visit Hoi An. Especially when we are wearing Ao Dai, is it very suitable to wear their traditional outfit and take photo around Hoi An Old Town.

The moment when we are in the boat for photos is not easy but we definitely make it through. They even have lighting for us and therefore the photos at night turn out to be romantic and dreamy.

Love this simple action of floating the lantern.

Some of my favorite photos on the boat!

Our last stop during this photography session! This also one of the must come spot for everyone when you are taking photos here, you need to pay for photos.

We took a lot of cute photos here. I really like all the lantern surround us, the ambiance is really pretty!

Lastly, I would like to post some of our solos photos at this corner. I would really recommend photography service, where the photographer is very professional. If you are awkward in posing, they will be really patient to teach you how to pose and smile for the camera. I really enjoy this photography session with them. Not only they will help you take nice and memorable photos, but also you can tour around Hoi An or Danang too. If you need some photography session with your family and or loved one in Hoi An or Danang, do check out

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