Hi all! Back to some nice relaxing date with The Butterfly Project a while ago, thanks to The Spa & Gym Hilton KL and The Butterfly Project, all the butterflies get to enjoy some relaxation and fun time together during Butterfly Health & Wellness Workshop.

About The Spa & Gym Hilton KL 

The Spa & Gym, winner of the Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards 2018 for Best Health and Wellness Spa and Best Spa Destination in Malaysia. You can experience a wide range of soothing body, face, and massage treatments where it soothes your tension and stress away, blending age-old traditions and the healing power of touch. Try out their luxurious signature treatment during your visit, which is The Spa & Gym's signature treatment "Pure Indulgence" with a combination of a body scrub, a Fitness Fresh Massage & a mini facial. 

Not only that The Spa & Gym features a range of facilities to help you de-stress and indulge yourself during your stay at Hilton Kuala Lumpur. Find your way to visit this Kuala Lumpur hotel spa and unwind in the whirlpool or relax in the steam rooms. Their treatment rooms are designed to create a soothing atmosphere where your stresses can melt away.

For today Health and Wellness workshop, we are all separate into three teams where they will be three workshops session throughout the day. From DIY our own Aromatherapy oil to Create Vegan Beauty Mask, all of the sessions are led by talented Butterflies members as well.

First Session - Aromatherapy Oil-blending Workshop 
by Dashindra Siva Plant Origins
Second Session - Self-Care Session 
by Minnie Chang Minc.Care
Third Session - Vegan Beauty Mask Workshop 
by Bavani Gopala Krishnan Naturally Handmade

Before we start the workshop, we have a gym instructor from The Spa & Gym Hilton KL guides us through some exercise and ice-breaking sessions with all the butterflies as well.

Aromatherapy Oil-blending Workshop by Dashindra Siva Plant Origins

My first session is doing the Aromatherapy Oil-blending Workshop by Plant Origins. Not many people have known that Plant Origins is a newly established brand under the Signature Market. This new brand of products focuses on home and body care products that are safer for everyone and the environment. All of their Plant Origins products are safe, clean and gentle on the hands which is suitable for skin type.

All of their essential oil and home care range. I was really interested in trying essential oil, I do enjoy this kind of aroma essential oil at home that can make you feel relaxed and peaceful too.

Our little guide book during our Aromatherapy Oil-blending Workshop, you can feel free to mix and match all the essential oil provided. But I still prefer to stick with their OG and choose the Fresh Start essential oil blends for myself.

They have a huge range of plant-based essential oils for you to choose from. When it comes to essential oil, Lavender scent also comes to my liking. It is a very calm and sweet scent.

Every one of us has its own roller perfume for us to mix and match the essential oil into our roller. After we are done with the mixing, you can apply the roller perfume on your neck, hand and some of your favorite of your body which you prefer.

Thanks, Dash for the lovely workshop where I learn more about essential oil and the benefits of essential oil in our life. I will really want to invest some good essential oil for myself!

Plant Origins

Self-Care Session by Minnie Chang Minc.Care

For the next session, it is a self-care session with Minnie Chang, which is the founder of Minc. Care. Where we first know about this Self-care session, there are a lot of questions popping in our mind, like what we gonna do, or is it like a counseling session. Self-Care is an active role in protecting our own well-being and happiness physically, emotionally and mentally. I think this is an everyday question to ask yourself, are you happy in your life? your work and your situation? Definitely an interesting session and topic to join!

We are sitting on the yoga mat, with relaxing video and ambiance. It was a relaxing and peaceful session where everyone gets to share their problems and issues in this save and close space. While sharing, we can also reflect on our own issue, and how we overcome the obstacles and heal ourselves when we are sad and frustrated.

I personally think self-care is very important to everyone! We need to start loving ourselves, take care of ourselves, before we start giving out but most of the time we tend to forget what is best for us and everyone close to us. Thanks, Minc. Care for this session, I definitely do learn a lot in this session! And if you are someone out there that needs an extra pair of ears, and or counseling, do feel free to reach out to Minc. Care! They do provide service and coaching workshops.


Vegan Beauty Mask Workshop by Bavani Gopala Krishnan, Naturally Handmade

The last session for this Health & Wellness is a DIY Beauty Mask workshop. Naturally Handmade Bath & Body all products are natural and vegan. It first started with the Aloe Vera Salve which ultimately was meant as a hand sanitizer, unknowingly it turned out to be a miracle gel. As it helped with cuts, burns, and even insect bites. Since then Naturally Handmade Bath & Body has created and explored more products to help people who have sensitive and dry skin.

There has a range of organic and healthy clay mask ingredients for us to choose from. Each of the mask ingredients has different benefits for different skin types. It was an eye-opening experience where I learn more about clay masks and how its benefits for my skin. 

Here's a photo of me focusing on mixing the mask ingredients for myself.

I choose French Pink Clay that is a combination of red illite and white kaolin slays, French Pink has a high concentration of iron and silica, which work to increase skin cell regeneration, improving elasticity and circulation. The fine rose-colored powder is great for gently exfoliating and softening skin. Since I have more mature skin, I find the benefits suitable for my skin.

Another two superfoods that I choose from are Calendula and Tangerine Powder. Calendula helps treat wounds and prevent acne. As a skin conditioner, Calendula Extract stimulates collagen production. Where Tangerine,  with its antioxidants that fight skin-ruining free radical, posses a third of our daily dose of vitamin c. It will also help brighten skin and remove oil and bacteria.

Thanks Naturally Handmade, that I can learn about the different benefits of natural ingredients clays, superfood, colors, and micas. And also able to create the Beauty Clay Mask that specially tailored for my own skin. Do check out their social media page for more workshops that they gonna organize.

Naturally Handmade

The Spa & Gym Hilton KL 

The Spa and Gym Hilton located on the 8th floor of the hotel. You do not need an access card to go on to the floor.

Greeted by the staff, you can get a free towel and a locker key for your time spent here at The Spa & Gym Hilton KL.

Their Gym area was really spacious. It has most of the Gym types of equipment here at The Spa & Gym Hilton KL. You can do lift weights, work out with Lat Pulldown Machine and or cycling on the Elliptical Machine and Running on the Threadmill too. With its spacious space and varieties of gym equipment here, you won't need to worry about the lack of equipment for you or waiting for your turn.

You can keep your belonging here in the locker room. They have plenty of lockers for you. We do have some difficulties just because the locker is lock by a password that has to set by us. Do check out the guide there where it gives instruction on how you should set it. They have a station for you to blow dry your hair and you can apply lotion after you clean up.

Their wet area, where they have jacuzzi and sauna station here. The wash-up station is here too. Where it provided shower gel and shampoo too, so while you are here at The Spa & Gym Hilton KL, you just need to bring your self for Gym and or Spa, the rest is all provided!

Meditation room for you to rest.

The Spa room at The Spa & Gym Hilton KL is way so luxurious and relaxing. The package itself is very eye-catching and exciting. For the first trial, you can get a special discount off for your first spa visit. You will have a private room for yourself, with a comfortable spa area a nice relaxing jacuzzi bath too.


I shall end my post with my girls here at the Jacuzzi station, where we get to dip into the hot and relaxing jacuzzi. It was a very soothing and relaxing experience, where we can get our body to dip and relax into the hot jacuzzi.

Thanks to The Butterfly Project and at The Spa & Gym Hilton KL for the wonderful Health and Wellness workshop. I do learn a lot about how Health and Wellness play an important role in our life. Also how we actually take care of our Health and Wellness besides just focus on our work and life. I appreciate the hard work of Mamasan making this Butterfly Health & Wellness Workshop a success and every one of us learns something and brings back some knowledge that is not only good for our health and but also taking care of our mentally, physically and emotionally too.

If you are interested to enjoy all the Facilities, Gym, Spa and even all the group exercise class organize by Hilton Kuala Lumpur be sure to check out their individual membership which costs only RM201.40 Nett per month!! You will have full access to their fully-equipped fitness center, swimming pool, jacuzzi, first two hours of free parking, daily supervision by their coach, get 25% off for food bill and any spa treatments and more!!

For more info, please call +603 22642830 or log on to life.hiltonkl.com for more information

Added on I also want to shout out if you are interested to try out all the facilities of The Spa & Gym Hilton KL. Don't forget to provide them the "Butterfly" promo code for them, and you can get your Gym membership at only RM180 net per month. Which a whole list of benefits you can try at Hilton KL as well.

The Butterfly Project

The Spa & Gym Hilton KL 

Till Then

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