It's been a while since I blog about my outfit in my blog. Today I just randomly wanted to blog about two of the outfits I wear last few months. Guess it's been a while since I actually dress up and take ootd shots when I'm outside. These two outfits that I gonna blog today are actually quite different from each other. 

Loving this simple monochrome outfit. Black and White color is the simplest color matching of all. I used to own a white pleated skirt, but I purchase it again since I'm no longer able to fit. This comes in a rubber waistband which is more comfy and easier for me if I ever grow fat or gives more space for me when I'm eating too.

Since I didn't take a proper front shoot, this skirt is actually not a straight cut but comes in symmetrical. That's the bonus point that I love this skirt even more. Since is a maxi skirt, I like how it is flowy, the length that I want and is pleated. The white skirt also gives me more ideas on how I match along with my other outfits too.

For the top that I wear is a black polka dots top. It is suitable to wear to work or for a casual date. It has these cute ruffles on the front, and the material is really comfy.

These photos took when I am just back from Danang. Immediately I miss the blue sky that I have seen there, but not in KL, but the weather in KL is hazy and really bad.

 I'm glad that the weather now is better but is struggling for a sunny day due to Monsoon season is here. Almost everywhere it is like raining and caused a lot of inconveniences.

You can see that I have changed my hair color for the second outfit. I have the chance to try out services at 90's Hairstyle and do a summery hair makeover too. Feel free to check out my post here.

I love these pink overalls with floral prints on it, It is super breezy and comfortable to wear. It is not those tight overall, but enough to cover my belly and butts area. 

It is in V neck design. They have a hidden button for u to secure, but also up to you whether you want to wear a tube top inside. Since is loose overall, is it more secure to wear a tube! The pattern floral on the romper is super sweet and simple, and also super affordable too! I bought it at around RM25 from Taobao and they have a lot of cute florals pattern too. 

What do you think of these two outfits? I think both have quite different vibes and I can't decide which outfit I like it more too. Both of the outfit are also my favorite, do let me know which outfit you like the most?

Outfit Details
All from Taobao

Till Then.

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