Hey lovelies, I promise my friend I would blog about our BFF ootd during our Vietnam trip haha! Here's our take during our BFF trip, we plan our outfit during this trip and it was a quite tiring process but still we make it through. All the outfits we wear turns out so nice and cute! Even though we are in Vietnam for just 5 days 4 nights, we change to a total of 9 outfits, and it was the crazy process I would admit. All of our outfits mostly from Taobao, and we spend like 200-300 for all the outfits, include bags, shoes, and accessories too. For me, when it comes to outfitting planning, it is important to have everything plan out, and the venue is also the main contribution too. 

Our no make up look at our pre-journey and we all decided to makeup on the airplane too. It was definitely a fun moment to reminisce about the moment together. In this post, I will share with you guys how do plan a BFF ootd for a BFF trip!

Choose color contrast with the venue

For the next three outfits, are all my favorite outfits on this trip. All of the outfits in dresses which is very flowy and comfortable. Once our itinerary has been out, we start to plan our outfit accordingly the venue. 

All of the outfits here are quite matchy with our venue view. One thing to take note is, try to choose a color that is in contrast to your outfit. For the first yellow mustard outfit, in contrasts with the greens and the river. Somehow it still has a similar tone with the boat too.

The second outfit which is the nude beige tone, which is where we are strolling Hoi An city. With a colorful background of Hoi An City, you can choose a tone down color outfit to create a contrast with the buildings.

We find this beautiful monotone yellow outfit, although our outfit is in a beige tone, you can see the super bright color contrast here. You can also check out our Instagram, for our individual photo of us on this Vietnam BFF trip.

Come to my last favorite outfit, is this red summery dress! I think all of us love the red dress that we had chosen for ourselves. You can see that each of our red dresses is in a different pattern, which even makes this BFF outfit more pretty and unique!

We didn't have a pretty group photo of this outfit, but I love this selfie of us together!

Pick one color from the Venue
For another tip of planning your BFF outfit is to you can pick one color from the place that you gonna visit. When we at Pink Cathedral, we decide to just go for pink! But each of our pink element is really different, Shin may pick a pink top, I pick a pink bottom and Nicole wear a pink dress.

Day and Night version of our outfit.

Same Design with Different Color

I think we are really lucky that we manage to find three different color ao dai when we are renting at the shop. Turns out it matches our personalities and we have a really fun time to do this ao dai shooting with the photographer too.

What're the easiest tips ever? Three colors but the same design outfits, it the normal BFF outfits tips that definitely you will think of! And of course, the same crazy personalities bring us together!

For the next outfit, you can see that we are all wearing the same design top but in a different color, and our matching details are different too. Not forget we got the same cute hat for this outfit too!

Here's our take for the outfit! We even have the same hairstyle too but still different in some way.

I want to add this outfit for this tips, it can still befall under Same Design with Different Color but when you see in detail, we are actually wearing the same color but different design patterns on the top. Black and Yellow it is!

Minimalism is the key!

For the last tips, it is simple and direct coordination. Go for a minimalist look, for the last two outfits, we go for a monochrome matching. I do love these two outfits matching too, it is a very soft and nice color theme when it comes to BFF matching outfit.

Green is such a famous color for summer and I love the color tone of our outfit! Not a fan of the dress that I wear due to the design that not really my type, but green matcha color is such a color trend too!

How we can not have a white coordinate color? It is such a typical color choice when comes to color coordinate outfit, and so here's my last BFF outfit for this post. I cannot believe that we actually change 9 outfits during this entire trip, my first time ever and as someone who loves ootd so much, I literally in love with this series.

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