Back to my monthly weekend outfit post peeps, I do hope to create one outfit in one post. But with more outfits consolidate in one post, you can see more variants and styles in just one post. So yeah, hopefully sticking to two outfits in one post, I feel like I might adding more outfits in one post in the future. Managing ootd post and even to plan an outfit out, is never easy, although I am still organized in terms of plans and work, but when it comes to the question like, what should I wear? I will have trouble to plan and think about it. It just takes up a lot of time and money too. Hopefully, I can hold on to what I like, and continue to share my passion in my blog!

For the first outfit, I finally wear this Pikachu Collab dress with one of the Taobao shop that I really like! When I saw this collab, I am super excited and of course, I splurge on the collab as well. This dress is perfect, as I can wear it casually to date and also work. It has the perfect sleeve length, buttons up design, with collar detail too! The length of the dress is just above my knee, still perfectly safe to wear. 

Talking about the sleeve details, on the right side of the sleeve, it has this Pikachu logo emblem and a short ribbon on the sleeve itself. I like how the Pikachu icon is not too overwhelming in this dress. Also how they come in small details on the sleeve makes it more wearable.

To complete this look, I bring my blue coach sling bag and my favorite white casual canvas shoe. I just realized that I happened to be wearing the same shoe too for the next outfit! I like how this shoe is so easy to match with the look that I wear.

Outfit details

Pikachu Blue Dress | Taobao - mg小象

Still a dress outfit for my second look. I have been wanted to wear this dress out, it's has been in my closet for quite some time. This dress is more on a holiday vacation look. When you take a closer look, it has the maple leaf details on the dress, it is the perfect summer dress that I would wear. Since it is a spaghetti dress, which I also purposely buy this outer to match this dress. It was quite risky to just imagine both pieces together and surprisingly it turns out so nice!

The purpose of the cardigan not only to help me keep warm.  Since the dress that I've been wearing is in this straight-line design dress, it will make my body proportion looks fat and unflattering. With a little touch of the cardigan tie around my waist area, it creates a nice waistline with the illusion that I have a smaller waist. I will also lower down the cardigan as an off-shoulder outer, to create a different wearing style too. I really how this cardigan helps to create a more flattering part of my body. Not only that it help covers my flabby arms too!

To complete the vacation look, I bring along the net string bag that I bought from Danang. The look comes with a hint of red and nude tones which makes the outfit looks put together too.
 If you are a girl like me, who's is between 52-54kg, and easily fat around the belly and arms area, you can try out some of the tips inspo on your daily outfit. 

Outfit Details

Dress | Taobao
Cardigan | Taobao

Till Then.

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