I don't always use CC or BB Cream on my face, but after I receive these two products from Thank You Farmer I am very excited to try out these two products. I am glad to try out two of their products, Be Beautiful Luminous CC Cream and Natural BB Cream. Both of the products give those natural finish on the face which I really like. Do read on my reviews about these two products.

About Thank You Farmer

Thank You Farmer is a newfound cosmetics brand from Korea. With tons of cosmetics products launch in the market, it is very tired of there's endless new cosmetics launch. But Thank You Farmer has been born for you as you have been looking for a product that gave you all that you need by itself. They believe in their products and wish to be a company that is loved and trusted for generations, not for a fleeting reputation. Their focus is not on the best marketing or best launching of their products but their highest priority is always people. Thank You Farmer pursues to enrich your life with healthy, beautiful skin and believes that good products can make people and the world more beautiful. If you are those who are not chasing for a new makeup launch every time but looking for good quality and sustainable makeup line, you should definitely check out Thank You Farmer.

Today's review post will be about the two new products that I received from Thank You Farmer, Be Beautiful Luminous CC Cream and Natural BB Cream. Both of the products have their own unique formula and texture. It's also been a while since I've tried out any BB or CC cream for myself. I am very excited to try both of the products!

Product Benefits

Be Beautiful Natural BB Cream is a BB cream with natural coverage that naturally conceals the flaws for a silky-smooth skin texture without any heaviness. It is not a high coverage product but still able to cover light blemishes such as acne scars, age spots, and freckles. It looks natural on the skin and cleans without heaviness. It comes in a smooth texture that does not require powder. Recommended for anyone who is concerned about an uneven skin tone. It is also a triple-functional product for sunscreen, whitening, and wrinkle correction. 

Suitable For
All types of skin especially skin with conditions like acne scars or blemishes.

How to use
Apply to clean skin after skincare. Smooth evenly over the entire face.

Pore Control BB Cream for completion of beautiful smooth porcelain skin. Velvet B.B Cream the key item for uneven skin, velvet smoothing gives a tight cover effect for skin imperfection, it gives minimization of pore jamming and darkening phenomenon, a natural tone correction for uneven skin. It has the creamiest texture that is so smooth and easy to apply on the skin.

What is Velvet smoothing
A technology that covers skin irregularities and imperfections by expressing a smooth and tight skin texture. When applied on the skin, it cuts off moisture and allows air to permeate causing both softness and moistness.

After I apply all over my hand, I can feel the texture is not too sticky, it feels lightweight and it allows the skin to breathe. It can be applied thinly and naturally with its cream cheese texture and doesn't disturb skin breathing. Not only that it will also develop into an outstanding moisture type with an increase of texture and absorption.

Top | Before
Bottom | After

I love how this Be Beautiful Natural BB Cream can adhere to Skincare and Makeup.  It is perfect for me that I would love to own a product that can cover both for me. I like how their velvet soothing formula leaves my skin to breathe, and also with its high-quality skin protection effect with natural moisturizing factor. It also works as whitening, anti-wrinkle products, and sunscreen too.

Product Benefits

This product is a radiance-filled CC cream with micro pearl shimmering that creates luminous, radiant and glowing skin. It is a hydrating CC cream that corrects the skin tone for an elegant and radiance finish. It leaves and gives radiance and calmness to your skin at the same time. It applies smoothly so it can be free of caking! It is a triple-functional product for sunscreen, whitening, and wrinkle correction.

Suitable For
All types of skin especially dull skin that lack of radiance and vitality.

The texture of this Luminous CC Cream is creamy and also easily apply on the skin.  This Luminous C.C contains a pearl light micro pearl that reflects light helping achieve a lively skin tone. The firming and luster effect helps emphasize the contouring and gives a moist skin barrier and a dimensional dual glowing effect.

After applying all over my hand, it leaves the luminous shine all over my hand. Although I am not a fan of luminous shine, I like how with just a few pumps of the Luminous CC Cream, the effect or pearl is very pigmented and pretty.

Top | Before
Bottom | After

From the photo itself, the luminous shine is not very obvious, but when I shoot in video or close up see on the mirror it is very obvious that my whole face is literally glowing. I feel that my skin looks shiny and healthy in this glow after applying Luminous CC Cream. I like how it optimizes skin condition and Ups moisture and make-up endurance. It contains Vitamin E components (Tocopheryl Acetate) that complete a young and glossy skin effect by creating a protective barrier. You may apply the foundation after applying luminous CC cream. It also works as a whitening, wrinkle improvement, UV protection, and makeup base product.

Just a simple selfie with the product on the day that I use both of the products. I couldn't choose which is my favorite one, but I like to apply BB cream whenever I just need some natural coverage and CC Cream for the glamorous shine look.

Thanks Thank You Farmer for sending the products for me. Do check out their social media for more info.

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Till Then.

Disclaimer: Even though the product is sent for review purposes. However, it does not affect my own opinion.

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