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I don't always use CC or BB Cream on my face, but after I receive these two products from Thank You Farmer I am very excited to try out these two products. I am glad to try out two of their products, Be Beautiful Luminous CC Cream and Natural BB Cream. Both of the products give those natural finish on the face which I really like. Do read on my reviews about these two products.

About Thank You Farmer

Thank You Farmer is a newfound cosmetics brand from Korea. With tons of cosmetics products launch in the market, it is very tired of there's endless new cosmetics launch. But Thank You Farmer has been born for you as you have been looking for a product that gave you all that you need by itself. They believe in their products and wish to be a company that is loved and trusted for generations, not for a fleeting reputation. Their focus is not on the best marketing or best launching of their products but their highest priority is always people. Thank You Farmer pursues to enrich your life with healthy, beautiful skin and believes that good products can make people and the world more beautiful. If you are those who are not chasing for a new makeup launch every time but looking for good quality and sustainable makeup line, you should definitely check out Thank You Farmer.
Hi peeps, will be busy blogging these few days since I have no work now. The truth is I enjoy my holiday and rest with blogs, dramas and music!! Although the future seems to be miserable, but to me we should enjoy everyday of our life with no regrets. I believe life is a choice and no matter what choice we made, what the result of our choice, we'll just have to bear with it and enjoy our life the fullest.

Today gonna write about Natta Cosme again! I always always happy with getting the sponsor review from them. This time will be about Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream SPF 40 Pa++. I always heard about how good Klairs product are and never been really use their product before. This time with the collaboration with Natta Cosme I get to to try Klairs product.

Thanks Natta Cosme.