My Chinese New Year outfit post is finally here, I do want to include more nice CNY ootd for the series but due to some unforeseen circumstances that are not according to plan. But fret not, luckily I do have at least one outfit to share, and slowly I will share more post on my Chinese New Year outfit. If you had checked out my Christmas outfit post at The Gardens and Mid Valley Mall during Christmas, you will know that both of this mall is just beside to each other and it is very easy to access. Here in this post, I share both of the mall Chinese New Year decor along with my pretty floral dress.

As per the thumbnail of my post, this is one of my favorite Chinese New Year backgrounds decor at The Gardens Mall. It has the perfect set and props for a nice photo taken here. The lightning and ambiance are all very pretty and very festive too.

Yes, I do purposely wear this orange dress on that day to match the Chinese New Year decor in the mall. I bought this dress since last year in September and have not yet wear till now. I have been trying to cut down my outfit shopping in Taobao due to I have overwhelmed by outfits inside my wardrobe that I have not yet wear before. So yeah I guess this is one of my goals this year to cut down more clothes shopping but only buy those that are versatile and can wear for work and casual date.

I love the spiral design of the decor. Here's my favorite shot for this decor!

This dress does have many pretty details such as the flower prints on the dress itself, which is not overpowering the entire feel of the dress. It has a side zipper, the front area is very well cover, the waistline is secure with a ribbon tie to behind, and I also like the ruffles details on the bottom of the dress. It is definitely one of my favorite dresses for this Chinese New Year.

The Gardens Mall decors usually are very spread around, which is not bad at all where you don't overpack yourself with just one corner. If you see there are more people here, you can always check out the other decors, and eventually, the crowds are lesser too.

The lightning here is not that great compared to the first decor. But after some filter, I find it still acceptable, so I still want to share it here too as well.

Thanks to my both pretty photographer of the day. Not forget to ask people around to help us take some photos as well. How lovely we all look together!

I love how they made so much effort in this Chinese New Year decor with hundreds or even thousands of Paper Crane for their Chinese New Year decoration. I love also the color and the vibes of the Chinese New Year celebration. 

Talking about my shoes, I am wearing this pretty lace-up tie mid heels, it should be also coming in strap exchange but I think I lost it somewhere after I move to my new house. Oh well, I will still wear this pair of heels with my outfit. I like the tie ribbon around my legs, even though it looks like I been tying it too tight, but it still feels comfortable to wear and walk around.

The paper decor is too pretty!!

More of our group photo for this Chinese New Year.

Moving to Mid Valley Mall, which I feel not too great but it is a very cute Chinese New Year decor with Lego! Although I am not a big fan of Lego, seeing life-size legos was really interesting. I do feel I still prefer it in normal size, where I feel it is more cuter than life-size looking lol. 

Mid Valley Mall decor definitely is more to family and kid's favorite theme. The entire space is pack with families and kids, building and diy their own lego in a few corners. I feel like it becomes like lego playground in Chinese New Year version instead of a proper Chinese New Year festive mall. However, I do still manage to find a nice spot for a photo or two.

Outfit Details
Dress | Taobao
Bag | Taobao
Heels | Taobao

Happy Chinese New Year Y'all!

Till Then.


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