I cannot believe that the Chinese New Year is just around the corner! I haven't plan my CNY outfit for the festive. Even though I already bought some CNY outfit from Taobao, but stupid I choose the wrong delivery service, where it will take a longer time to reach me. Luckily I do have some new outfit prepare for CNY, I can't wait to share more with you guys soon. For now, I have been wanted to share these two outfits in my blog! Read on for more details.

Let's talk about the white dress that I wear. This white dress comes in eyelet details which are really comfortable and pretty. I'm not much an eyelet type of girl but this dress caught my eyes. The front button details are very fancy and vintage. It gives the pop details for this white plain dress.

Coincidentally wearing the same white dress with my bae, wearing Fila sneakers too. I was loving the idea of wearing sneakers with dresses. It gives the young and energetic look. Since my dress is above the knee level, wearing sneakers does not make me look short too. The proportion of the outfit is really important too.

Stumble this place with white cloud blue sky which is way too pretty to resist. Therefore most of my shoots later were taken by here. To keep my outfit simple and chic, I wear a sling bag to match with this outfit. The sling bag is not too small, I can put a small purse and my important stuff with me.

Love how flowy and cute this dress brings out. The cute collar and vintage front buttons. Given it is eyelet print as well, the material is comfy and soft.

Outfit details

Dress | Taobao
Bag | Taobao
Sneakers | Fila

Another dress outfit of the post, it is a soft denim dress. I like how it is sewed together as a spaghetti dress. I wear as an outer slip dress with innerwear to complete this look.

I love how the dress is unique but carries vintage vibes to the entire look. The denim comes in different tones which give the color layer to this outfit. Therefore the accessories that I carry are in white color.

The inner that I wear with this dress is a sheer transparent top. Compare to those normal white inner tops, I find that sheer inner is much more exposure and sexier too. Since with its puffy sleeve, it helps to cover those flabby areas, and also gives the cute puff vibes.

In love with my heels and bag that day! The white new mules that I bought from Happy2u. It is so versatile to wear and match with any outfit. This Jennie bag also has become my favorite too. Been carried it around with me when I head out.

I'm quite happy with how this pairing turns out. Because I did not figure out how I should match and wear with this inner sheer top. This outfit turns out to be my favorite dress outfit between these two outfits.

Outfit details

Top | Taobao
Dress | Thrifted
Heels | Happy2u
Bag | Taobao

Till Then.


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