I would like to thanks ereinaco for this beautiful gown. I rarely get a chance to try out a beautiful gown, therefore I am really grateful that I get to rent this gown from them and do this photoshoot with this gown. It is indeed a beautiful fairy gown from ereina.co. Read on where you get to see the photos that I took with this gown and by the end of the post, I will also include more details where you can also rent all the beautiful gowns from.

My first photo is the shoot in this wall brick. We even bought fake flowers as a prop for this entire shot. I thought of using two bouquets for the shoots. But ended up we are so tired and manage to stay in only one location for the entire shoot.

We are here around 4pm where the sun is not too bright or hot. Can you guess where's the location that we are at? I have been wanted to come here for the longest time, we are at the Linc, KL. We don't have any specific corner that we gonna shoot but instead, we will walking around and looking for some nice background or corner to shoot.

Some of the edits that I like to use in Lightroom. I like this corner where the lightning from the sun is enough and easily you can edit to a nice photo with just a few edits here and there. I edit to slightly cool tone color to give more feels to the photo.

Here you can see the real color of the gown where it is a beautiful blue color. The bottom of the tulle is quite flowly where it gives more dimension to the whole look. The top of the gown is kinda sexy, it is advisable to wear Nubra or nipple cover. It is a tie with ribbon gown, so you can adjust accordingly to your body.

It is not easy to take a good photo here at this setup because there are a lot of people behind the background. The lightning here is also not the greatest, so it will take some time and patience to take some nice shots here. I like the photo taken from the back with extra lightning and also the colorful paper crane.

You must have not to know where this background from, but these few shots that we took here is very pretty! It feels like we are in a studio for shooting. I like the overall grand and chic look of the background with the gown itself.

We shoot quite a lot of shots with this background because of less disturbance. 

Next, we move on to the rainbow staircase, we are lucky where they are no one here and we quickly took some shots here. Here's also one the signature corner in Linc, Kl too! I am really glad that the crowds are decreasing and we can have a smooth and fun shooting.

Some of the close shots where I seated on the staircase. Love how fluffy the tulle of the gown. I really love the details of the gown such as the top embellishments, it gives the elegant and the v-neck design add a little sexy feminine vibes to it.

Trying to take like those influencers pose.

Gonna end my post here with some of the far shots with the outside staircase, we did take a lot of nice photo out here. Manage to choose some of my favorite ones and share it with you guys.

End my post with some close flower shots. I can't believe my curl still last after the shots, we are lucky to stay indoor with aircon's and only come out to shoot whenever we see any nice outdoor corners. It's also been a while since so takeup my hair curlers and curls my hair haha!

Thanks again to ereina.co for the sponsor of this gown. I try out a lot of different gowns and here are some of the gowns that I try that day. 

They have so many beautiful and colorful gowns for Customers to choose and try. They have from simple, elegant gown to some very fancy and beautiful nightgown. Some of them come with various designs too. All the gowns that I've tried, the quality of the gown is top-notch too. 

Love how the owner name it ereina.co, which covers as elegant, empower and enrich whereas a woman ourselves we can be everything that we want. We need to be empowered and love ourselves more.

The interior of the place is very sweet with the pastel pink and grey as the main color. It makes me feel like a small girl again with the dream of wearing a beautiful princess gown.

Lastly, I want to thanks ereina.co again for this lovely chance. Do check them out if you wish to rent a beautiful gown for any events or photoshoot. You will definitely able to find the perfect princess gown that you like.

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📍Revo Aurora, Bukit Jalil
⏱11-8pm daily

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