Have a pastel weekend you all! I can't believe that Covid-19 start to affect our life so much now and really hope that everyone out there stays safe and stays clean always. Hope that everyone can stay positive and alert during this sensitive time. For today's post, I will share two pastel outfits that I wore. I have been loving to wear a skirt outfit because I always wear jeans on weekdays and the weekend is the only day I will be more carefree.

For the first outfit, I am wearing this pretty milk tea color skort. I love the cute checkers on it, and the color is quite unique too. When I first bought it I am loving the cutting and the size fits so well on me. Ever since I been gaining weight, is hard for me to get bottom that fits me. When I see the size and cutting that I like online, I will always feel excited to bought it home with me. 

I wear the same shade outfit to complete this whole look. The entire tones of this outfit are more neutral and earthy which I really like. I have my berets and bags in khakis brown color, the bottom is in lighter milk tea color, pastel pink top and a pair of beige boots. 

The top is also another favorite of mine, I like how it feels so comfortable on the skin and the color is quite sweet. It has a very breezy design, with slightly puff sleeves which help cover those flabby arm part. Even though is a long sleeve design,  but it is very thin but not transparent therefore I find this top very comfortable and breezy.

Here's some of the closer look of my outfit details. Love every piece of this outfit that I wear, I like how it gives the soft girl look.

Outfit Details
Top | Taobao
Skort | Nineteen89.co
Bag | Taobao
Boots | Taobao
Hat | Cotton On

For the second look, I focus the pastel on my skirt. This is a pastel purple skirt which I really like as well. The fitting of the skirt also fit really well on me. The material of the skirt is very smooth and soft, hence it is very comfortable to wear it.

Don't have any idea to match any colorful bottom? Just wear any white tee to wear with it! Since I have not worn my Sailormoon tee in my social media, and anything in pink and purple just reminds me of Sailormoon. I am so happy I managed to grab this shirt from Uniqlo, even though I thinking to wait for sales but ended up I didn't and it sold out pretty fast too.

To complete the look, I am wearing my pastel greyish purple sling bag to match with my skirt. I also wearing my favorite FILA sneakers too. Everything looks so put together mainly with just whites and pastel purple tones. I even have my accessories matchy too, purple earrings and a white transparent watch.

Some of the close shots that I really like! Upon writing this post, I start to miss my hair in this length where I feel it's so lightweight and matches my personality too. I am thinking to maintain this length moving forward although my hair has grow longer since I cut it 4 months ago. I might trim again in June!

Outfit Details
Top | Uniqlo
Skirt | Taobao
Bag | Christy Ng
Shoes | JD Sport

Till Then and Stay Safe!


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