It's been a while since I been blogging haha. When MCO started everything just gets postponed and delayed and hence the lack of update on my blog. Event and Gatherings all have been canceled. I have not been able to go out when MCO started and when the restrictions get loosen only we start to go out for dine-in and going around the mall.

For my first outfit for my first head out, I'm wearing this green top and with my favorites biker shorts. Apparently, this is the exact same Jennie inspired look beside the bag that I bring is different than hers. Although I have the same bag and didn't know before hand that this outfit is exactly the same matchy set with Jennie.

Been loving to wear biker shorts whenever I head out, it is not too expose or short neither it is too long or hot. These two pairs of biker jeans I got are from Taobao. It is very comfortable and has a bit of elastic which it's easy to fit my body. I rarely bought jeans from Taobao due to my body shape is a bit hard to find jeans online. The ripped part of the jeans also a very nice and chill look.

The top comes in front button design and it just fit my front breast area. I did hope that it can be a slight longer. I still find it was uncomfortable to show off my abs. That's why you can see that I keep covering my abs haha! But overall the cutting is very comfy and nice which I like the ruffles details of the top. The buttons area is very cute and detailed too.

The bag I bring is also the siew mai bag that I like. I choose the color green for the bag and I love it so much! The color is so vibrant and cute. 

Outfit Details
Top | Taobao
Pants | Taobao
Bag | Taobao
Shoes | Taobao

For my second look continue for my love for my biker shorts. Here's the blue jeans version, where is it quite similar design and cutting but with a slight rip open on the thigh area. But it is still very comfortable and suits my body shape. I can't decide which filter is nicer that's why I have these two images in this post!

Tying up this shirt due to the size I get is very large and surprisingly it looks so good! I guess it is due to the size and more clothes for me to tie up haha. Since the entire color is more pastel and neutral therefore I'm wearing the blue jeans version biker shorts.

I just got this hairband from Taobao just recently and since then I keep wearing the hairband when I got the chance hahaha! I bought a total of 3 colors which are pastel pink, hot pink and yellow.

Closer look of the shirt, love the 3D font GUESS although the hologram print is basically stick on the font. But I still love the font print overall, it reflects the hologram reflection from far and looks very galaxy. 

Loving my bag too where I got it from Gracegift it is a limited design with Disney and it matches the Sakura flower theme which I find it more cute and sweet! It can be worn in a long sling bag version but I just prefer this version where it is more chic and stylish.

Outfit Details
Pants | Taobao
Bag | GraceGift
Shoes | FILA

I hope you guys like these outfits that I put together! I do wear my mask after I take the OOTD shot and because the place I went it was quite a private area where they do take good care of the area and strict on checking temperature for every vehicle that visits the area. I guess this will be our new norm until the end of the year, although there are still a lot of things that we need to catch up and get used to the new norm now due to Covid-19. See you guys soon!

Till Then

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