It's been a while since I just share one outfit in one blog spot. I guess since MCO and there's not much outdoor space for me to take a lot of ootd shots, but this series of photos also taken in a mall but with an outside corridor. I can't wait to go on holiday and take more pretty photos since now we can travel locally within Malaysia. I kinda missing blue sky and blue sea, it's definitely been a while since I travel to the island and beach. I can't wait for my long holiday!

Back to my OCD self where I would update my outfit post in order to boost my blog on my Instagram as well! So here you go the second update on my blog during this COVID season, I do more active in my other social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and also my Youtube Channel too. Feel free to follow me on my other social media platform. 

For today's outfit updates I will be talking about long jeans, if you have check out the previous ootd post where I posted my biker shorts look which are my favorite pair of bottoms. Jeans are always the comfiest to wear whenever I head out.