Back to my OCD self where I would update my outfit post in order to boost my blog on my Instagram as well! So here you go the second update on my blog during this COVID season, I do more active in my other social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and also my Youtube Channel too. Feel free to follow me on my other social media platform. 

For today's outfit updates I will be talking about long jeans, if you have check out the previous ootd post where I posted my biker shorts look which are my favorite pair of bottoms. Jeans are always the comfiest to wear whenever I head out.

Wearing a face mask is the new norm now whenever we head out. Do a quick few shots of my ootd with my face mask taken out. I just bought this pair of jeans not long ago from Taobao, I'm pretty happy that it fits me well but still, there's some awkward fitting area that is not too bother by me. The pocket line design I find it quite annoying haha and I do wish that I should get a darker blue color instead of light blue. But what done is done, I still like this pair of jeans and will wear to work more often when I can.
With my height of 156cm, the length of the jeans are still not too off for me. I like it is just nice above my ankle area where I can still wear heels and show the ankle area to elongate the entire look. The jeans come in straight wide leg design which is very comfortable as well. Should I get another pair in darker blue? Haha! I have been shopping and browsing Taobao a lot even though most of the time I am just staying home.

This entire look is basically a very casual white and jeans look. I am wearing my favorite satin white top to match with this first pair of jeans. My first time wearing and in the back of my mind, I would want to create a clean and casual look with this top, therefore wearing it with a pair of jeans is the ideal way to achieve the look. I also make sure that my shoes and bag are in white and neutral colors too.

A closer look at the top where I like it has this classy silk button in the front, I feel that this top is very much a high-end vibe to it which I like it very much. Since it is a satin silk material, the top is very comfortable to wear indoors or outdoor too. Even though it is designed in v collar, but I do not feel any discomfort with the need of covering my breasts.

I do play with some accessories as well since we are only in whites and blues, wearing my favorite gold accessories, we have this new necklace and this pair of earrings which are currently my new faves. I do have concerns on whether I over-accessorize the entire look but luckily it still looks ok where the accessories are small and dainty as well. Lastly wearing a leopard belt to give a pop of wild note for this look!

Outfit Details
Top | Taobao
Bottom| Taobao
Heels | Charles & Keith
Bag | Micheal Kors
Accessories and Belt | Taobao

On a serious note for this second outfit, I do not plan to share or posted anywhere on my social media due to I feel that this look does not appeal to me and I feel uncomfortable showing that part of me to the public as well. But while I drafting the theme of my outfit post, I just have to drag this outfit shots out to complete my jeans theme outfit. Hence this outfit shot like way before MCO and until today I decided to post it up XD

This pair of jeans has been with me the longest period, although you can wear it without folding it up I prefer to wear it folded up to make the look more clean and neat rather than lose it up on the leg. As I mentioned previously for short people like me, we like to show the ankle part of our leg to give the illusion that we are actually taller. I do plan to replace this pair of jeans, but in the meantime, I feel like there's not necessary to replace jeans because jeans are the most versatile piece of outfit to wear. 
Lastly just want to mention this pastel green blazer I got, the size of the blazer does feel way too big for me but it is not really a big issue for me. The pastel green color is very sweet and soft. I love the material of the blazer where I do sometimes bought slightly expensive outfits from Taobao too and therefore quality and material of this blazer are really up to par. It comes with double lining as well as functional hand pockets too. It does feel heavy and structures when I wear it, it is thick and perfect to wear for as formal and casual wear too.

 I do have a lot of light colors blazers in my closet, I have pastel pink, light khakis and this pastel green one. I am thinking should I get a lilac blazer or a darker purple blazer in the future? In the meantime, I still have a lot of blazer hanging inside my closet, haha!

I hope you guys feel more inspired during this period of time! Stay safe everyone.

Till Then.


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