Finally, I'm here to blog about my Redang trip in July. After my trip back from Redang, I been blogging my Penang, and then next is the Melaka trip. During this MCO period, the best travel place is to only be able to travel locally. I'm glad that in Malaysia we can have so many nice and beautiful place to visit. Even though we can just travel locally, but I'm happy enough to visit all these places and share Cuti-Cuti Malaysia places in my blog. We spend 4 days 3 nights a Redang Island here, basically, we just chill and relaxing here.


We book our Redang trip with one of the travel agencies, their package is 3 days 2 nights but we decide to extend to another 1 more day. The total price of our 4 days 3 nights trip is around 600 per person. Which include boat transfer, 4 meals every day and 3 nights stay at Redang Beach Resort. We also got upgraded from a standard room to a superior room due to not enough standard room for us. 


I didn't take all the food photos that we ate at the resort. But basically due to COVID, therefore, there's no buffet-style serving but they have each of the workers to serve the food out for us. All the dishes are refillable depends on whether there's a leftover or not. Every day we will have 3 main meals every day, for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and not forget they also serve tea break for us too. Basically, when we are here, you can easily gain some weight because u basically just eat sleep and snorkeling here. 

Besides the food in the cafeteria, they have also another restaurant where you can order some other meal from them. Every night you get to see a lot of guests here at the restaurant for chilling and beer sessions.

Day 1

Back to our daily itinerary at Redang Island, for day 1 once we reach we get to try lunch and check in to our room. The next activity is the noontime diving session with the resorts. All the tools are provided by them, but we bought a new mouth tool due to hygiene issue from their souvenir store at the resort.

During the diving time, due to my phone kept inside the waterproof bag, therefore, I didn't take a lot of photos during the seas. But I just record as much as I can when I snorkeling on the sea, therefore there are not many photos posted in this post and mostly just short video to gif. 

Due to we been traveling by bus and boat first day to Redang Island, it is very tiring therefore we been resting and chilling in our resort room. 

Day 2

For Day 2, we go to our morning dive near their Marine Park. This diving point is nicer than yesterday spot, they have so many corals and fishes to see during snorkeling. The corals all are very huge and beautiful too!

After lunch, we spend some time doing some shooting along the beach. I didn't want to show my bare face due to not having makeup on my face. But luckily the photos turn out so pretty without showing much of my face. Check out my other post here where I posted more photos that we shoot at Redang Island.

I didn't spend a lot of time walking along the beach due to hot sunny weather. Here are some random photos I took while we are waiting for diving at the resort diving center.

We didn't join the afternoon diving on day 2 because we are saving our energy to visit the Turtles!! And omg it was the best trip ever during our stay here at Redang Beach Resort. The turtles are the tamest and friendliest, it is so fun to able to swim and plays with them. They are so friendly that we can touch and feed them. While you feed them, they will come closer to you, and you can take photo with them!! Super cute and friendly!! I just can't explain how excited I am when I see them. This is my first ever chance getting so much closer with turtles.

Loving the evening glowing sunset moment on the sea.

After visiting the turtles, that night we spend some time out at the seating chilling and playing games. I really enjoy the sea breeze beside the sea. There's music also playing in the restaurant where you can chill, enjoy the sea breeze at night.

Day 3

Not to forget here's the very famous 夏日嬷嬷茶 movie scene, although now this place has become some souvenir spot but you can stil come here and take photo too.

For day 3, we woke up at 530am because we wanted to watch the sunrise but no luck for us due to rain in the morning. The rain continues throughout the morning and we skip the morning diving for the day.  

We go back room for a short nap after breakfast. After that, we decide to have a short photoshoot along the beach, as you can see the sky is very cloudy due to raining the whole morning. But luckily the photos turn out very pretty and we still have a slight blue sky and blue sea to take photos with. Check out this post for more pretty photos that we took.

Supposedly we plan to have one last diving session before we left tomorrow. But due to bad weather, the boat can't drive out and stay still for diving. Luckily nearby our hotel there's still diving spot for us to dive, so by no choice, we just have to dive around the area and feed the fishes around the area. 

Look at all the fishes coming to us for food. While you are at a more shallow spot, you need to be extra cautious because you can be easy to be scratch by the stone under the sea. I have also got one long scratch on my leg due to didn't take note of that one big stone under me. 

Here's our selfie after playing with the fishes.

Some of the views and one cute animal that we meet during we are at the cafeteria. The squirrels here are very friendly and keep visiting us when we are eating our food. Not to say the squirrels are too cute to resist. Everyone also can't stop feeding them and taking photo of them.

On day 3 we encounter raining weather at night, we manage to chill a while outside the same seating. But we head back to the room after the rain.

Day 4

Trying our luck for sunrise on Day 4, but too bad the sky is still gloomy and cloudy due to rain over the night. But we are also trying our best to do some fun shooting here. It's quite sad that we are unable to watch the sunrise while we are here.

Guess what we saw while waiting, is this really cute transparent boat! While we saw they are some girls rowing the boat nearby, I am quite excited when I saw this because I plan to take some photos with the boat.

Chilling and take more photos at the restaurant. The restaurant is very pretty at night with the light hanging around the place.

When we first reach Redang Island, we notice there's this really beautiful stone area which is another resort located there also. So we just took a short walk to this area to visit this area and see whether there's any nice place to do some shooting.

Luckily the resort is open to the public to visit. We went to the end of the place and found this really beautiful stone edge area. Although I want to go further explore this area, since we have limited time therefore we just take some few shots here at the beachside here. Overall this corner here is quite photo-worthy if you would like to visit and stay here.

After the shooting, we back to our hotel to wash up and then check out from the hotel.


Day 1

Lunch > Check in > Diving > Tea Break > Free and Easy > Dinner

Day 2 and Day 3

Breakfast > Diving > Lunch > Diving > Tea Break  > Free and Easy > Dinner

Day 4

Breakfast > Check out

Basically, this is our itinerary as per arrange by the travel agency, but of course, you can choose to have more activities of your own around the resort. In Redang Beach Resorts, you can choose extra activities to enjoy, Visit the turtles, or having hiked in the forest nearby. That's all for my 4D3N Redang trip, hope you enjoy this post.

Check out my YouTube video where I compile all the short videos I recorded during the trip.

Redang Beach Resort

Pulau Redang, 21090 Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu

Till Then.

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