Back to my weekend outfit post, and also back to my favorite black and white monochrome outfit. But this time I do try a different style, inner tube top and white short pants are the recent hauls that I bought for myself. As usual, I don't really wear a tube when I head out, therefore I'm also wearing my favorite black outer to complete this look.

I forget to bring face mask go out that day, and luckily there's this black face mask inside husband car and so nice that it matches my outfit of that day too.

This shooting place is so vintage and chic. Just encounter this place and has been wanted to visit here for the longest time. I also kinda worried to visit here because this is also a staycation place where I'm not sure it is open for photoshoot. But just nice that they have a outdoor and indoor area for coffee and to hang out.

One of their famous LED light and corner of their hotel. 

Took more photos at this corner. I'm wearing a very comfy knit tube top with a butterfly embroidery in the middle. I like how it is in all black but with the butterfly embroidery in the middle, it gives a little pop color on the tube top.

Interior of the Momo's cafe area. It is quite simple and neat with not too many decorations around the cafe. You will get to see there's a lot of vintage posters stick on their wall of their interior cafe area.

They has this bar area in which we took some photos around this corner. For accessories wise, I just wear silver hook earrings to complete this look. Since I'm wearing a black and white outfit, pairing with silver accessories is more suitable. On the fanny bag itself also have silver chain hardware which also matches my silver hook earrings.

Some of the random photos we took inside the cafe. There's a lot of photo-worthy corners that you can find inside the cafe area.

Manage to take some full body shot in this corner again. Since I did not take a closer details on my boots, but there's actually a silver zip ring in the middle. As I mentioned, my accessories is basically in silver color, and so do my boots too!

Not only you can take some nice OOTD photos around the hotel area, their outdoor is also a nice spot to take photos too! Beside the Momo Hotel KL there's this vintage brown brick hotel, which my husband find it very nice to take photo at. Looking at the photos my hair definitely getting much more longer nowadays, not really sure should I cut or continue to grow it, haha!

Shot my last few photos in front of Momo's Hotel KL. I really like all the greens outside here and wearing black and white somehow stands out among the colors too. Hope you guys like my simple but yet full of details black and white outfit.

Outfit Details
Outer | Nineteen89
Inner Tube | Taobao
Shorts | Dressy Code
Boots | Taobao
Bag | Taobao

MoMo's Kuala Lumpur
316, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, 
Chow Kit, 50100 Kuala Lumpur

Till Then.


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