A short and fun staycation at Space Hotel was located at Chinatown, Petaling Street KL. It's been a while since I have a staycation, thanks to Space Hotel and Go Traz for the invite. I'm really having a lot of fun during my stay at Space Hotel. Meet up a lot of new friends and have fun hanging around the hotel with everyone.

Space Hotel is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur city. Undoubtedly, they are just walking distance to most of the Kuala Lumpur attraction places.  You will be welcome by their reception area at Space Hotel. Each capsule comes in their own capsule card.

When u sit outside their outdoor area, you can see the view of KL Tower. It is quite a nice and relaxing view when you sit and chill outside this area. Not forget to take some insta-worthy photo around this area too.

Merchandise area and also where you can refill your water. They also have a rack of space outfit for their guest to wear and take the photo. I really like this whole space area and the outfit for guests to wear.

You can even do your laundry at their washing machine area.

All of their rooms come with this locker for you to keep your important belongings.

If you are curious about their washroom area, they have also a special Deluxe Family Room with a private washroom for you and your family. Whereas the other capsule room all needs to use a shared washroom.


Besides the single capsule bed, they have a Double Bed Capsule for couples as well. 

Back in my room, I'm staying at their Single Capsule (Female only)

I would say the space inside the capsule is quite spacious. I can even still fit my bag when I'm sleeping inside too. Don't worry about strangers who might open your capsule because each of the capsules is secured with an auto-lock capsule door. Each of the capsules comes with their own room card so that you can always lock your capsule room when you are not inside the capsule.

Not only that you can easily control your own lighting and temperature in your own capsule. I like that we can have our own big personal mirror, towel holder and also a foldable table. If you wish to secure more of your personal stuff, you can also use their safety box inside the capsule.

They have also two comfortable pillows and a duvet for a nice and comfortable sleep at night inside the capsule. For entertainment-wise, you can enjoy your own personal android TV with a headphone. Inside the capsule, they have two USB ports and an international pin power plug too. 

I would say that even though this was a capsule for stay. But I would say that they definitely have all the best facilities and items needed in a capsule. With just a night stay at the capsule, I really enjoy my stay and sleep comfortably inside the capsule.

The shared washroom in Space Hotel is very spacious and clean as well. They have 3 rooms for bath and the rest are washrooms.

They have an area for wash-up and blow-drying hair too. Clean and Spacious area.

On that day itself, we get to visit their rooftop area for a fun celebration with all the others. This setup at Space Lounge is really the cutest, where is it in the space theme and even the cakes and desserts are also in space theme too.

Thanks again to Space Hotel and Go Traz for preparing the dinner for us that night. We really enjoy the food and company that night too.

And OMG you can also take a lot of night insta worthy photo on the rooftop. With the night time reaches and with LED lights surround Space Lounge, this whole space literally lit up and feel much more alive too.

Love the whole lounge surround the fairy light. Can't help but keep take photos when I see the lights.

There's also a surprise hidden place where the guest can have fun and sing karaoke in this area. I will never forget how every one of us gets to sing and having fun together. This is such a nice place to host a party and celebrate with friends and family.

Isn't the whole place super dreamy and pretty? 

Thanks again to Space Hotel and Go Traz for organizing this short staycation for all of us. It was an eye-opening experience for me, where the capsule experience which is so comfortable and spacious. The facilities of the Space Hotel which are so nice and complete. I definitely recommend for a solo traveler to come and enjoy the stay and facilities. Besides that for those who plan to host a party, you may rent space Lounge for a dreamy and wonderful space theme party too.

Space Hotel

Space Hotel Chinatown
No 5, Jalan Petaling, City Centre, 
50000 Kuala Lumpur, 
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

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