I can't believe that is November now and the year 2020 goes by like this. I do really miss flying and traveling around the world. With the pandemic hit the world, it's important to stay safe and healthy. Follow SOP of you are heading out, and stay home possible if you can too. For today's outfit post, I'm wearing my favorite Pazzo x Rainie second collaboration pieces with the theme More Real

I have been Rainie Yang fans when I'm little and this is not my first time bought her collaboration pieces with Pazzo. If you are interested in my first outfit post with her pieces, you may check out my post here

For this collab, I like her design pieces, even more, because the style is even more casual and daily wears pieces that everyone would like. When I first see the blazer she wears in the promo shoot (she wears yellow color), and when I saw they have in this blue color I fell in love immediately, recently I have been loving blue color outfit more, and more.

This blue color blazer comes in darker baby blue color and when you wear it, it makes your appearance much fairer too. It had also a lot of nice and swag details on the blazer too.

You'll notice that the front part it has two layers. It is for people that like to have more details for their blazer and to create a more different style of a blazer. When I first saw the design online, I see that the cutting of the blazer is very big and long. The size I got for this blazer is S size, you can see the blazer itself is already look quite long on me as well.

For my innerwear, is also the sports bras from the same collection. It is my first time matching sports bras and blazer together. It did make me feel empty and not comfortable because the belly is the part where I'm not confident about it.

One of the details of the sports bra that I like is the rubber band part with the word more or less. The design does look like the famous CK sport bra details. This collection also comes in a lot of designs such as underwear, leggings, and other different designs of the sports bra. I really like this design with the rubber band part, it also comes in a lot of basic colors, such as black, white, grey and grey-blue. When I first saw the first release, I really want to buy all of the colors.

The cafe that I do the shooting is at the new Niko Neko Matcha 2.0 located at Petaling Street. 

When we are here, it is almost where the shop close. Therefore you'll see that there's no customer in the cafe. It gives us more time and freedom to take more photos here.

For accessories wise, I did think that should I go all blue but ended up I go with khakis and beige color. First time wearing this Grace gift x Disney collaboration, it is definitely not my first Chipmunks bag design haha. They do have other colors such as black and blue also, but thinking that I need a khakis color bag hence I decide to go for it. This color comes in extra 2 pouches and can be style in different styles too. Definitely one of my favorite bags from Grace Gift.

Closer details of the blazer. I really like the color of the blazer, it is definitely not the usual blue color you see in the market. The shade enhances skin fairness even more. The button's details are very dainty too. It is in amber grey color which is in contrast with the blue color. It also comes with two side pockets.

Hope you guys like my outfit in this post because it is my favorite so far! Check out all other designs on the Rainie x Pazzo collection here.

Outfit Details
Top |  Rainie x Pazzo
Blazer | Rainie x Pazzo
Pants | Taobao
Boots | Taobao
Bag | Grace Gift

Niko Neko Matcha 2.0 (Chinatown)
181, Jalan Tun H S Lee, 
City Centre, 50000 Kuala Lumpur, 
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Till Then.


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