I have been actively shooting ootd for the last few weeks. Here's also one of my favorite outfits that I shoot last week at one of the new places in KL. I have been researching some new place in KL to do some ootd shots and found out this new place, Zebra Square has renovated to a new eating area. Not only that it has also some nice corners to take photos of. I like the entire theme is very greenery and garden feel too.

When we arrived here we saw this big metal globe and decide to take some ootd photos here too. I wonder what will become after it is complete. Take my full body picture here with my outfit of the day. A very short baby doll dress with a jeans wrap tie, this dress is really short hence I'm wearing a pair of short jeans underneath the dress.

I really like to buy clothes in a set to ease and help saving time to match clothes for my weekend outfit. Been eyeing some baby doll outfits but it is not easy to shop for it because it's very short and looks very flowy and volume. Especially for people short like me, it is even risky because it might make me look short and fat. When I saw this dress comes in this cute jeans wrap top, it helps creates a waistline and does not makes me look like I'm pregnant.

This entire place is beautiful and also is a really lovely greenery outdoor cafe area. They plant a lot of planted pot around the entrance area. Overall It gives a really nice and calm ambiance around the area and I definitely like to be surrounded by greenery and plants.

The dress is very comfortable and I feel it's actually very nice to just wear it without the vest You can wear heels to elongate your body proportion. But you will definitely need to wear a pair of safety pants inside because the dress is very short.

On the other side of the area, they have this staircase also. I feel that it is also another corner to take photos too. Where this area is more rusty and vintage which I kinda like too. 

For accessories wise, I'm wearing black and silver shoes. This black vintage bag is my recent purchase too from Taobao. I kinda like the style that is vintage but also swag. You can wear it as a sling or crossbody too. I choose the smaller size one but although I hope the bigger size is better. But overall the bag still able to fit every important thing that I need to bring out. 

Wearing a pair of big round silver hook earrings to match my silver heels. Since there's a black metal chain on my bag, therefore I decide to go for silver accessories and shoes to match the bag. The heels are one of my favorite purchases from Grace gift. They always have the nicest and dainty shoes!

The dining area. It can be quite hot and humid if you are here during the noontime. It is advisable to come here during the evening or night time if you want to enjoy their outdoor dining area while eating.

But there is also an indoor area for dining too! It's up to your preference though, but outdoor decor definitely more pretty and fresh looking compare to the indoor. Where I also feel that the I door lightning is not that great, but they have really cool decor and lights indoors.

There is also a swing area on the outside. I didn't show the photos we took because is not really that great. But it also one of the hot areas that everyone wants to take photos with the swings.

The overall surroundings are very quiet and spacious. You definitely do not need to worry about parking spots because they have a very big open space parking. I really like how rusty and nature theme of the entire space.

Outfit Details
Dress + Vest | Taobao
Bag | Taobao
Heels | Grace Gift

Zebra Square KL
No. 18 & 20, Jalan Kampung Pandan, 
Off, Jalan Tun Razak, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

Till then.

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